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Atchison County

Forms and Schedules 

Kansas State Fair Forms/Schedules




Clothing and Fashion Revue



Demonstration Judging Form            Demonstration Registration Link


Fiber Arts

2020 Fiber Arts Schedule TBACrochet Judging Scorecard
Ethnic Arts Judging ScorecardKnitting Judging Scorecard
Macrame Judging ScorecardNeedle Arts Judging Scorecard
Quilting Judging ScorecardRugmaking Judging Scorecard
Spinning Judging ScorecardWeaving Judging Scorecard



Home Environment

 Home Environment ScorecardKS State Fair Home Environment Scorecard


Horticulture/Plant Science



Parade-No Parade in 2020

2019 Parade Entry Form (Form Fillable)Parade Map
2019 Parade LetterParade Numbers (Past Year Reference)





Rocket Exhibit Form & Information

Rocketry Scoresheet
Robotics Exhibit FormRobotics Scoresheet
GPS/GIS Educational Info ScoresheetGPS/GIS Mapping Info Scoresheet
Geocache Box Info Scoresheet 


Exhibit Card/Project Entry Examples


Visual Arts & Crafts



exampleexhbitatoryboard page1page 2 printingdirectionsexample

Download Completed Example  

Download  4-H Exhibit Storyboard JPG page1  (You will need to print this  page first)

Download 4-H Exhibit Storyboard Outlined Boxes page2  ( You will add your information and  re=print over page 1)

 Download Directions for printing using JPG files



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