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Food Safety

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Food Safety

Do you practice good food safety practices at home? You can find information to make your next meal at home much safer in the following publications.

The Problem with Raw Flour

flourDo you find it hard to resist gobbling up a piece of raw dough when making cookies, or letting your children scrape the bowl? Do your kids use raw dough to make ornaments or homemade "play" clay? Do you eat at family restaurants that give kids raw dough to play with while you're waiting for the food?

If your answer to any of those questions is yes, that could be a problem. Eating raw dough or batter—whether it's for bread, cookies, pizza or tortillas—could make you, and your kids, sick.


Barbecue and Grilling

grillHaving a barbecue is a fun way to gather family and friends. Don't spoil the fun and give your guests foodborne illness. Use these resources to provide the safest food possible.

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Diane Nielson, Family & Consumer Science Agent