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A World of Possibilites

A World of Possibilities

Extension's Universe of Possibilities teaches a set of core skills that have application in nearly every area of life. Mastering these skills enables you to be calmer, happier, more energetic, and more effective. You become a better citizen, parent, spouse, partner, friend, co-worker—better at just about anything. The program is flexible, easy-to-use, and enjoyable; it’s ideal for both individuals and groups; it enhances creativity and productivity; and it fosters healthy relationships while opening up new worlds of possibility, both individually and collectively.


While each learning module stands by itself, the units also can be used in any combination or as a complete series. UK Extension's Universe of Possibilities offers a wonderful array of 10 modules.


  1. Your Vision Map (Creating a tangible picture of what you want to accomplish with key steps for getting there)
  2. Making the Growth Choice (Learning to make choices that bless others and simultaneously increase your vitality, growth, and happiness)
  3. The Way of Peace (Weaving peace abundantly into our personal lives and into the fabric of society)
  4. Heart Intelligence (Employing our intuitive guidance to solve problems, spark creativity, and promote the well-being of all)
  5. The Freedom of Self-Discipline (Acquiring self-management skills that foster success and open doors to confidence, joy, and unimagined opportunities)
  6. Embracing This Present Moment (Mastering the vital skills of creatively accepting reality and living fully in the wonder of the present moment)
  7. Accepting and Loving Your Body (Cherishing and taking good care of one’s physical body while sensitively listening to its signals of comfort and discomfort)
  8. Healthy Relationships (Exploring key guidelines for nourishing vital relationships and thriving societies)
  9. Unleashing Your Creativity (Applying the creative spirit that lives in each of us and that longs to express itself in unique and joyous ways)
  10. Gifts of Gratitude and Blessing (Discovering the vast untapped potential for personal satisfaction and societal renewal available through the skillful application of gratitude and blessing)


Together, let us envision and build a world where all people enjoy optimal well-being. Let us strive to awaken fresh thinking, new enthusiasm, and abundant love. Let us create a world of unimagined possibilities. It can be done!