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2022 4-H Fair Information 


  • It is an expectation that all 4-H members and their families should plan to work 2 shifts in the 4-H foodstand during fair week.             At least 1 shift will be an evening shift. Two evening shiftts welcomed. Five choices for both daytime and evening will be                      submitted by each 4-H family beginning early summer of 2022. If this expectation presents is a potential conflict for the 4-Her            or parents, please send written notice to the Extension Office by November 30, 2021 for potential consideration.
  • Attendance at monthly 4-H club meeting is an expectation for all 4-H members. Members should attend at least the majority                of club meetings. This means one over half of the meetings. Example 7 out of 12 meetings. If this expectation presents is a               potential conflict for the 4-Her, please send written notice stating the reason why this expectation is not possible to complete to the Extension Office by November 15, 2021 for potential consideration and/or possible options for the 4-H member. 

4-H Projects More Than A Fair Exhibit

  • It is important to remember 4-H fair exhibits allow youth the opportunity to showcase knowledge and/or skills learned via exhibiting their project work that relates to their project goals and project meeting learning experiences.
  • Atchison County Fair Information for 2022 will remain the same in most divisions. The 4-H project links below can be used as a reference for 4-H project planning. Those enrolled in a specific project will be notified directly of any changes. Project exhibits following 4-H curriculm guidelines will be eligible for fair enter. Appropriate 4-H curricimn was listed when you selected projects to enroll in during the 2021-22 4-H year.  Contact the Extension Office if you have questions regarding approved curriclumn for a specific project.
  • Kansas State Fair 4-H information is currently not available for 2022.  This link provides 2021 Kansas 4-H related informaion. Updates for 2022 will be posted to this site in the future.Refer to 2021 information as a project refernce.

2022 Youth 4-H Division Fair Book Rules 

Each project page includes project resources plus fair judging scorecards or judging guides and tips. 

4-H tab/Select projects

General Fair Rules  *

Youth General Rules *

Department A:  Banners *

Department B:  Fashion Revue *

Department C:  Consumer Judging *

Department C: Livestock Judging

Department D:  Demonstrations *

Department E:  Clothing *

Department F:  Food Preparation and Preservation

Department G:  Visual Arts /Fiber Arts/Performing Arts *

Department H: Various projects  *

Department I:  Crops and Horticulture *

Department J:  Flowers *

Department K:  Beef*

Department L:  Dairy/Goats *

Department M:  Swine *

Department N:  Sheep and Wool *

Department O: Horse Show *

Department P:  Overall Showmanship *

Department Q:  Dog Show *

Department R:  Pet Show * 

Department S:  Poultry  *

Department T:  Rabbits *

Department U & V:  4-H Day Camp/Special Event *

Department V:  Clover Buds

2022 Livestock Sale Bill

The youth livestock sale begins at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 6 at the show arena. Come early to catch the bucket calf parade scheduled  prior to the sale.  Download a copy of the sale bill.

Foodstand 4-H Family Food Stand Work Schedule

Bucket Calf Judging - Friday @ 1:00 in Livestock Arena (Bucket Calf Record Link)

Foods Judging Schedule

Photography Judging Schedule

Arts & Crafts Judging Schedule

4-H Food Stand Schedule Sign-Up

**2022 Sign Up is available**

Livestock Insurance is $7.00 per animal (optional), and stall sign up due July 25

Atchison County Fair 4-H information

Note: Project judging schedules will be shared directly with 4-Hers enrolled as of July 1, 2022.  Our wording "scheduled by 4-Her" means that we will send a schedule that lists each 4-H member's name for blue building projects that are judged. There will be seperate schedules for each project. You do not need to call the office to schedule a judging time. We will look at project meeting forms to develop the schedule.

Fair Schedule 

Monday, July 29 Home Environment Judging Scheduled by 4-Her 

Tuesday, July 26  Fashion Revue/Clothing Judging Scheduled by 4-Her (schedule after July 18)

Saturday, July 30  Fair Clean-Up & Set Up

Monday, August 1  Scheduled by 4-Her

4-H Demonstrations- 

4-H Banners/ Posters- Morning check-in;  judging follows.)

4-H Arts & Crafts-Judging starts @ 1:00 (Schedule shared with 4-Hers enrolled.)

4-H Photography- Judging starts 1:00 (Schedule shared with 4-Hers  enrolled.)

Consumer Judging Contest 1 (Come-n-go during the day.)

Tuesday, August 2  Scheduled by 4-Her

4-H Foods/Foods Preservation- Judging starts @ 9:00

Consumer Judging Contest 2 ( Come-N- Go during the day)

4-H Woodworking- 9:30  Judged as scheduled.

Clothing displays set up by 11:30.  Judged as scheduled.

4-H STEAM/4-H Rockets- Starts @ 11:30

Electricity-Starts @ 12:00

Home Environment-4-Hers enrolled receive judging schedule.


Clothing Check-In- 

Beef Weigh-In Livestock Barn, 6:00-8:00 pm. 

Wednesday, August 3

Goat, Sheep & Swine Weigh-In Livestock Barn, 8:00 am

Open Class Entries Received Blue Building 9:00-11:30 am

Rabbit Judging Rabbit Shed 10:00 am

4-H Fiber Arts Judging Blue Building 1:00 pm

4-H Flowers Judging Blue Building Noon

Open/4-H Dairy Judging Livestock Arena 4:00 pm

4-H/ Open Beef Judging Livestock Arena 4:30 pm- Following Dairy, Open Beef Show follows 4-H                                                           

Exhibit Viewing 5:30-9:00 pm

4-H Demonstrations Stage 6:30 pm 

4-H Foods Auction Stage 7:00 pm (Following Demonstrations) Entertainment TBA Stage 8:00 pm

Thursday, August 4

Exhibit Viewing Blue Building 9:00-9:00

Open/4-H Swine Judging Livestock Arena, 8:00 am

4-H/County Horse Show Noon Horse Arena

Kidde Pedal Power Contest Sponsored by Farm Bureau & Bob Chew, Auctioner Registration prior to event Shelter House 4:00 pm

Lions Club Bounce House Fun Late afternoon-dark Pre-purchase discounted wristband @ Exchange Bank Branches

4-H Fashion Revue Stage 5:30 pm

Grand Entry & Open Horse Show Horse Arena 6:45 pm

Mutton Busting Livestock Arena 7:00 pm

Entertainment Stage 8:00 pm 

Friday, August 5

Exhibit Viewing Blue Building 9:00-9:00

Open/4-H  Sheep Livestock Arena  9 am

Open /4-H Meat Goat Livestock Arena Following Sheep

4-H Pet Show Shelter House 11:00 am

Bucket Calf Consultation Livestock Arena 1:00 pm

Project Auction (silent auction of non-animal projects) —Blue Building   3:00-9:00 p.m.

Lions Club Bounce House Fun Late afternoon-dark Pre-purchase discounted wristband @ Exchange Bank Branches

Parade Line-Up & Judging ACC Elementary 5:45 pm

Fair Parade Main Street 7:00 pm

Entertainment Stage 8:00 pm Savannah Chestnut and the Fieldhands

Saturday, August 6

Exhibit Viewing Blue Building 9:00-3:00 pm

Livestock Judging Contest Livestock Arena 9:00 am

Livestock Showmanship Finals Livestock Arena 2:00 pm

Bucket Calf Parade Arena 3:45 p.m.

Livestock & Mary Boldridge Cake Sale Livestock Arena 4:00 pm

Lions Club Bounce House Fun Late afternoon-dark Pre-purchase discounted wristband @ Exchange Bank Branches

BBQ Cook-Off Contest St. Ann’s Parking Lot 12:00 pm

Celebration of 50 Years of the Mary Boldridge family supporting Atchison County 4-H (Final details TBA)

Exhibits Released 3:30-4:30 pm

Entertainment Stage 8:00 pm Eric Dylan & Friends 

If rules or class changes have been made since last year, the 4-Hers currently enrolled as of of June 30 will be notified directly. Specific judging times will be shared after July 17th. Schedules are based on project attendance forms.

Introducing The 4-H Portfolio


4-H Portfolio

Covid brought changes and creativity to the 2020 fair. Last year, 4-Hers were asked to create project vidoes to   showcase the project life skills they had learned during the year. A virtual exhibit display was uploaded to the website. Over 19,000 visitors stopped to view exhibits. Community members, out of state grandparents and Atchison County 4-H supporters enjoyed this opportunity. This year, this will be offered as an optional opportunit to share your 4-H experiences with  friends  and  family. In  response to feedback  received from long term 4-H supporters and buyers, this year we will be adding a link on the Livestock  Auction program that will allow buyers to learn about the project skills, project leadership and project citizenship you are gaining thru project and club involvement. We heard lots of  positive comments about how the video clips demonstrated 4-H members public speaking skills. They especially appreciated seeing youth being involved 4-H rather than hearing adults talk about what kids are doing in 4-H. Your 4-H portfolio offers an opportunity for you to shine.  
We have created a 4-H portfolio group on flipgrid where you may upload your video by August 2. You can showcase all of your 4-H projects on a single video. Or you can create a video for each project. Simply name your project, your first name and the project. Videos can be up 10  minutes in length, but 3-4 minutes can definetly adequately cover your  4-H career. Age could be a guide; a first year might be 2 minutes in length; while teens will be longer. If you want to participate in this optional career building opportunity, please give us a call.       

Thank you notes never go out of style

Hand-written thank-you notes are an important part of our personal and professional lives, despite changes in technology, still have a large impact on society. Using the “Seven Steps to a Great Thank-You Note” resource from Michigan State University Extension-4-H, 4-Hers can practice writing a great thank-you note. There will be plenty of  opportunties to write a Thank You notes after fair.

Sadly, every year we hear from donors that they have never received a thank you note. This is the reason we lose donors every year. Many counties require 4-H members to turn in Thank You notes at the end of fair. Fair premuims are withheld until the Thank You note is turned in.

Fair Livestock Display to download for fair display

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Department V:  Clover Buds                                 https://flipgrid.com/atcocloverbuds