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Atchison County

2023 4-H Fair Information 


2023 Fair Book

Atchison County Fair Book 2023

2023 Parade Info

2023 Parade Letter

Parade Map

Parade Entry Form

2023 Livestock Bill

The youth livestock sale begins at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 5 at the show arena. Come early to catch the bucket calf parade scheduled  prior to the sale.

  2023 Livestock Sale Bill

Atchison County Fair 4-H information

Note: Project judging schedules will be shared directly with 4-Hers enrolled as of July 1, 2023.  Our wording "scheduled by 4-Her" means that we will send a schedule that lists each 4-H member's name for blue building projects that are judged. There will be seperate schedules for each project. You do not need to call the office to schedule a judging time. We will look at project meeting forms to develop the schedule.











Thank you notes never go out of style

Hand-written thank-you notes are an important part of our personal and professional lives, despite changes in technology, still have a large impact on society. Using the “Seven Steps to a Great Thank-You Note” resource from Michigan State University Extension-4-H, 4-Hers can practice writing a great thank-you note. There will be plenty of  opportunties to write a Thank You notes after fair.

Sadly, every year we hear from donors that they have never received a thank you note. This is the reason we lose donors every year. Many counties require 4-H members to turn in Thank You notes at the end of fair. Fair premuims are withheld until the Thank You note is turned in.