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Atchison County

2020 County 4-H Day is February 22nd!!


Regional Day March 23, 2019

Regional Day Schedule

County Day February 2, 2019

2019 County Day Program


County Day February 24, 2018

County DayCounty Day

County DayCounty Day

County Day Placings 2018 

Project TalkPlacing 
Rosa Zia (AA) Top 
Pio Zia (AA)Top
Gianna Zia (AA)Blue
Bethany Urban (AS) Blue 
Brylyn Jolly (LL)Blue
Anna Falk (LL)Red
Garrett Stirton (MD)Red
Bryn Wagner (LC) Blue 
Senior Demonstrations  
Emily Crossland (AS)Top
Gwendolyn Crossland (AS) Top
Junior Demonstrations 
Noah Weaver (MD)Top
Vincent Webb (AS)Blue
Rebecca Hoffman (AS)Blue
Ashton Neill (LL)Top
Public Speaking 
Ashtyn Jolly (LL)Top
Connor Weaver (MD)Top
Mason Weaver (MD)Blue
Logan Kramer (AS)Red
Wyatt Kramer (AS)Red
Piano Solo 
Augustine Blosser (AA)Red
Ambrose Blosser (AA)Top
Cyprian Blosser (AA)Red
August Neill (LL)Blue
Ashton Neill (LL)Red
Austin Acheson (EC)Red
Instrumental Solo 
Isaac Hoffman (AS)Red
Peyton Steltonpohl (AS)Red
Noah Weaver (MD)Top
Basil Blosser (AA)Blue
Kristen Maderak (AA)Top
Atchison Aviators ClubTop


FYI Participants 
Elijah Webb (AS) 
Callister Wagner (LC)
Henry Urban (AS)
August Neill (LL) 


Congratulations to all County Day Participants !