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Atchison County

2020 Regional Day is March 21!!

Atchison Elementary School

County Day Results--February 22, 2020

Project Talk

 Emily Wood (MD)
Grace Roloff (MD)Blue 2nd alt
Audrey Handke (AS)Top Blue
James Gaddis (LL)Top Blue
Zach Falk (LL)Red
Tate Stirton (MD)Red
Henry Urban (AS)Blue 1st alt

Junior Demonstration

Ashton Neill ( LL)Blue
August Neill (LL)Blue 2nd alt
Bethany Urban AS)Top Blue
Anna Falk (LL)Top Blue
Garret Stirton (MD)Blue 1st alt
Audrey Handke (AS)Blue
Emily Wood (MD)Blue

Instrumental Solo

Joseph Basil Riches (AA)Blue 1st alt
Ashton Neill (LL)Top Blue
August Neill (LL)Blue
Payton Steltenpohl (AS)Red
Serenity Gagnon (MD)Blue

Instrumental Ensemble

Meadowlark ClubTop Blue


Margaret Colwell (AA)Top Blue
Payton Hoffman (LL)Blue
Ashton Neill (LL)Blue
August Neill (LL)Blue 1st alt

Vocal Solo

Lillyann Mackan (MD)Top Blue
Bailey Steltenpohl (AS)Red


Audrey Handke (AS)Top Blue
Zane Steltenpohl (AS)Blue


Meadowlark ClubTop Blue

Dance, Individual 

Rachael Edith Riches (AA)Top Blue
Grace Roloff (MD)Blue


Lillyann Mackan (MD)Red
Emily Wood (MD)Red
Hallie Noll (MD)Red
Kaydeece Fultz (EC)Red
Morgan Molt (MD)Red
Audrey Roloff (MD)Red
Grace Roloff (MD)Red
Trevor Sinclair (EC)Red
Landon Minton (EC)Red


County Day February 24, 2018

County DayCounty Day

County DayCounty Day



Congratulations to all County Day Participants !