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4-H Premium Sale/Project Auction/Ribbon Premium Requirement Form Information

We are excited to introduce a new update for 4-Hers beginning in the 2023-2024 4-H year. 4-H is the largest youth development organization in the U.S. and we believe new requirements will help develop our 4-Hers into well-rounded individuals and leaders in the future. Learning by doing and 4-H activities help youth discover and explore their passions.
Previously, 4-Hers have been required to complete project forms and three project meetings per project enrolled. The Extension Board, 4-H Youth Development Program Development Committee, and Fair Board have discussed and agreed on these requirements to ensure that they are achievable by 4-H members. In order to receive fair premiums and sell projects, the requirements must be met and turned in to the extension office by July 1st, 2024. Please review the attached cover letter explaining the form, as well as the form itself. 

4-H Records: The Important Final Step Of The 4-H Project Experience

 Your 4-H project is said to be completed after your 4-H records have been turned in. When records are done, you are ready to start the new 4-H year! 

new signTo allow 4-Hers time to complete their project records, the due date is September 29. Club due dates may vary. Leaders will review your records. They may ask you to make additions/changes to better reflect your 4-H club and project involvement. This is an example of the 4-H way of "Making Your  Best, Better".  Records are due to your 4-H club leaders on or before October 1. Club leaders will turn records to the extension office by September 29.

You will find the form-fillable records pages below. Be sure to download the form to your device and save the file with your own unique name.

  • Example: Chris_Clover_Craft_project-records. Work from your saved form if you are completing the form electronically. 
  • Tip: Be sure to save and backup your file often so it is not lost.
  • While you can complete the forms online and even print the information, you risk losing your information if the internet should go down. You are unable to save your personal information using this method.
    • You can also print the forms and then handwrite the information. 4-H records are not evaluated on how information is prepared. 


*Please note: when opening a form below, please open it and save it to your desktop or device before entering information.  You must download or open the form, then "save as" or you run the risk of losing your work.*

Project Recognition Check Sheet (fillable PDF)

Personal Information Page (fillable PDF)

Permanent Record (fillable Word)

Project Report Form Evaluation Rubric (PDF)

Project Record Report Forms

Beginner General Project Report Form (ages 7-8) fillable PDF

Beginner Animal Project Report Form (ages 7-8) fillable PDF

Junior General Project Report Form (ages 10-13) fillable PDF

Junior Animal Project Report Form (ages 10-13) fillable PDF

Senior General Project Report Form (ages 14-18) fillable PDF

Senior Animal Project Report Form (ages 14-18) fillable PDF


Getting Started with Your Record Keeping Efforts

Selecting Your 4-H Project Report Forms

Starting Your 4-H Project Report Form



ZBook Resource Page

Atchison County members can use ZBook recordkeeping through your 4H Online account.                                  

Project Records Keeping Tips

  • Older members (9-18) should list project learning goals, project leadership goals, & community service goals.
  • Remember to include any talks given at club meetings, County Day, fair or shared with other groups such as your classroom  or  to civic groups.
  • Your participation in Consumer Judging & Livestock Judging can be listed as a project learning experience.
  • A 4H Story should include information about your club involvement, attendance at 4H camps & events, and even project failures along the way. The suggested length is at least 6-10 sentences for seven-year-olds. 
  • Suggested 3-5  short paragraphs in length for eight-year-olds. A story that highlights the  4-Her, 4-H  year, and includes one-two project-specific paragraphs.  Two to three pages for 9 year-olds  which focuses on both the project (one page) plus general 4-H (one page) involvement. Continue growing in 4-H each year,  plan for 3 to 4 pages for project stories for  11-13 year-olds plus a separate 4-H general story. State guidelines for teens over age 14 is a 5-6 page project-year story and a separate overall general 4-H story of equal length. To aid 4-Hers, story prompts are included within the records. Older 4-Hers should plan to provide several sentences of detail to answer each question.                                  

Instructions for Assembling Project Records for Judging

    • An official 4H Record Book Cover may be purchased for $3.00 from the Extension Office.
    • This is a great way to organize your 4H records, during your 4H Career. Reminder: 1st Year 4H Members, remember to claim your FREE record book cover
    • Personal Information pages only need to be completed one time.
    • For more than one project, complete the "Additional Project Pages" for your age group.
    • For judging purposes, each project should be in its own folder/record book/report cover.  Or submit your record electronically or as a  PDF portfolio. (Call the Office if you have questions)
    • Records are due to your club leader before Sept 29. (Note: Your club may require an earlier deadline)

 Image result for 4H Records


*In the event that you should have questions regarding 4-H record keeping, do not hesitate to contact Atchison Extension Agents. If your 4-H Club, family, or project group is interested in records training, contact our office.                 


Member Achievement Plan Pin Applications

1 - Membership Pin

2 - Bronze Pin

3 - Clover Pin

4 - Emerald Pin


5 - Silver Pin

6 - Silver Guard Pin

7 - Leadership Pin

8 - Gold Pin

9 - Gold Guard Pin

Key Award



Year-End Awards Nomination Forms

Year-End Summary

4-H Record Keeping Equals School Success

The Tufts Study compares youth involved in 4-H for at least two years with their non-4-H peers. Researchers at Tuft University compared 4-Hers and non-4-Hers over a 10 year period. It appears that 4-H involvement can make a difference for a lifetime. US News reported the news with this headline: Study: 4-H Students Make Better Decisions. As a parent, we thought you would appreciate reading about how 4H helps your child succeed. 4-h.org/about/research/