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K-State childhood development expert shares tips for improving learning


 Reading with children builds social, mental skills more rapidly

Atchison BOOK

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Kids are our future. In our community of Atchison, we Believe in Opportunities forOur Kids. One opportunity we think is important is being ready to read when our kids start school. On this website you will discover lots of opportunities for kids, parents, childcare providers, other community professionals and our community. Grab a book from the library - but also check out our BOOK resources. Reading is a skill that lasts a lifetime. CHECK US OUT.

Baby Crawling to Walking

Just In Time Parenting

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Each month you will get information specific to your baby's age and your baby's needs. Learn about:

  • How your child is developing.
  • How to care for your child and keep your child healthy.
  • How to help your child learn and be happy!

The newsletter is written by a team of university researchers and educators and based on the latest research. There's information that you'll want to share with everyone in your family - plus:

Baby Diva

  • Each issue has links to other pages and web sites to help you learn even more.
  • You can download beautiful full-color PDF files formatted for printing or sharing.
  • You can listed to audio podcast versions for the first 12 months.
  • You can ask questions to experts from across the country and see answers to questions from parents just like you.
  • You can continue to learn about your child as he or she grows to age 5!
  • All of this is commercial free, with no ads or links to toys or products!

Helpful information for you, your baby and your family -- Just In Time! Click HERE to go to the link to subscribe for free. When signing up use coupon code KS12JITP.

The free parenting eNewsletters are written by parenting experts (who are parents themselves!). They are designed so that information that's relevant to your child is automatically delivered to you just in time! Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of subscribing. To subscribe to Just In Time Parenting newsletters, click HERE. When signing up use coupon code KS12JITP. To view newsletters, click HERE.


Parent Express Parenting Guides


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Diane Nielson

Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, 4-H Agent
Phone: 913-833-5450