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eParenting® Little Ones


"We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.”                — President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Smart phones, social media, touch pads, video games, and computers are a constant presence in the lives of most families. eParenting takes a look at the ways in which these technologies can play a positive role in child development and parent-child interaction.

Developed by University of Wisconsin — Extension family living educators and specialists for parents of 0-5 year olds or “little ones, the program highlights how digital media can be used to enhance parenting skills and support kids’ growth and development. Participants will be able to

  • describe how the brains and self-regulation skills of little ones are developing,
  • summarize the parenting styles that best support this development,
  • share how digital media can be a positive parenting tool to support young children’s development.

We are sharing this Wisconsin Extension developed resource with local Atchison County families. You can access eParenting® Little Ones in two formats.

  1. Short Video Series: eParenting® Little Ones is also available as a short video series. For the video series, the curriculum has been condensed short 1-3 minutes videos highlighting specific ways technology can positively be incorporated into parenting little ones.
  2. Workshop Recording: A session of the eParenting® Little Ones 2-hour workshop was also recorded. You can watch the edited version if you are unable to attend an in-person version of the workshop.

We hope you find eParenting® Little Ones to be a valuable resource!

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Atchison BOOK

Atchison BOOK logo

Kids are our future. In our community of Atchison, we Believe in Opportunities forOur Kids. One opportunity we think is important is being ready to read when our kids start school. On this website you will discover lots of opportunities for kids, parents, childcare providers, other community professionals and our community. Grab a book from the library - but also check out our BOOK resources. Reading is a skill that lasts a lifetime. CHECK US OUT.

Baby Crawling to Walking

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