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Stress ‘doesn’t have to control your life’


K-State family and child development experts say that understanding stress and ways to reduce it can help to alleviate its negative effects.


Stages of  Retirement GraphicEntering into retirement is an exciting adventure. You have worked for decades, and retirement from the workforce may feel liberating. Finally, you have more time to spend with your loved ones and engage in activities that you enjoy. The bucket list you have always wanted to tackle can finally be done! Then something unexpected happens. You might realize that you miss feeling productive and you become uncertain of your purpose. You are not sure how to go about your day and you find that you are having a hard time adjusting to your new life. These uncomfortable feelings are normal and experienced by many retirees. It is important to understand that these ups-and-downs happen and that eventually, you will likely settle into a

comfortable routine, re-establish your sense of purpose, and enjoy your retired life.


K-State Research and Extension is a leader in providing research-based information and education for creating strong, healthy Kansas communities. We strive to improve family relationships, develop consumer and financial management skills and help Kansans balance the demands of work, family, and community.

Contact us with your Family and Consumer Sciences questions.  Please contact us by phone at (913) 833-5450, or send us a message at atchisoncoext@ksu.edu for more information. 




World of Possibilities headline

UK Extension's Universe of Possibilities teaches a set of core skills that have application in nearly every area of life. Mastering these skills enables you to be calmer, happier, more energetic, and more effective. You become a better citizen, parent, spouse, partner, friend, co-worker—better at just about anything. The program is flexible, easy-to-use, and enjoyable; it’s ideal for both individuals and groups; it enhances creativity and productivity; and it fosters healthy relationships while opening up new worlds of possibility, both individually and collectively.


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