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4-H Resources and Information

Club Officer Books

Congratulations! Now that your club has elected you as an officer, you, and all other officers of your 4-H club are representatives. As a 4-H Club officer, you represent not only your club, but also the 4-H program throughout the state. Your skills and abilities, standards and ideals, grooming, speech and even smiles represent Kansas 4-H members. Representing others is one of your most important responsibilities because it exists at all times - not just while you are at 4-H events.

The officer's books to the right contain a job description for your position along with helpful tips and reminders. The secretary and treasurer's books also include form fillable options. Due to variations in browsers, it is best to download to your own computer.

Tips for Being a Good Leader

1. Be a team player.

2. Be thoughtful of others.

3. Be helpful.

4. Be a good sport.

5. Be reliable and responsible.

6. Celebrate others' success.

7. Be fair.

8. Have fun with 4-H!!!