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Atchison County

What is 4-H?

4-H Clover4-H is a community of young people across Kansas engaged in learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. Caring adults who support our programs are essential for youth to achieve their potential. Adults can share guidance, knowledge, and wisdom, as well as model respect and provide skills training.

4-H is a nationwide program. Each of the four H's of the clover represents ways youth can grow and develop.

          H ead, critical thinking, problem solving;

          H eart, self-discipline, integrity, communication;

          H ands, serving others; and

          H ealth, choosing healthy lifestyles.

4-H had its beginnings in rural America, but it now serves youth in urban and suburban as well as rural communities. Kansas 4-H is open to youth between the ages of 7 and 19. The new 4-H year starts in October, so many prefer to join 4-H at the start of the school year. 4-H enrollment, however, is open year round, so youth can join any time.

The Do's and Don'ts of Being a 4-H Fan 

Gaining 4-H Fan Cooperation Checklist 

   4H Formula 

Contact Information

Ray Ladd
County Extension Agent
Phone: (913) 833-5450

Diane Nielson
County Extension Agent
Phone: (913) 833-5450


Have your ever wondered why 4-H grows such great kids? Check out this web link to start to understand how 4-H teaches kids to THRIVE in life.


Yes 4-H is fun for kids. But like all extension programs there is evidence based research to behind our programs. Research forms the foundation of strong 4-H programs, Many youth programs focus on improving performance skills to win. 4-H teaches kids to master skills so they can perform well at the event plus performing well in life, too. This is the 4-H Clover promise that makes a difference and explains why the public deems 4-H to be a proven,valuable youth development program. We encourage your family to have fun in 4-H.