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Atchison County

Brief History of Extension

1862 - The Morrill Act was passed paving the way for a land-grant university in every state.

1863 - Bluemont College was renamed the Kansas State Agricultural College.

1887 - The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station was created at Kansas State Agricultural College under the provision of the Hatch Act.

1914 - The Smith-Lever Act created the Cooperative Extension Service.

1915 - The Kansas Legislature passed the County Farm Bureau Law that provided funds to implement the county extension program.

1951 - Kansas Legislature revised the law making the county extension program the cooperative responsibility of the county extension council and Kansas State University.

1959 - The university's name was officially changed to Kansas State University of Agriculture and Applied Science.

1991 - Kansas Extension District Law passed by the state legislature which paved the way for two or more county Extension councils to form Extension districts.

1996 - The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station and Kansas Cooperative Extension Service merged to form the Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service, also known as K-State Research and Extension.