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Atchison County


Kansas Wheat

While farming is admirable as a way of life, it is also a business. Therefore, our research-based programs promote:

  • effective production practices;
  • competitive pricing;
  • business management skills;
  • environmentally sound production practices;
  • alternative agriculture businesses;
  • youth education about food and fiber sources;
  • successful living on a few acres.



Opportunity to get rid of OLD pesticides


The Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) Pesticide and Fertilizer Program received a grant for the disposal of orphan pesticides. Orphan pesticides are those pesticide products that are no longer supported by the registrant, that have not been registered with EPA or KDA for several years. Some examples would be lindane, chlordane, 2, 4,5T etc. If you have products with COOP on the label, it is time to dispose of them. There is a limited amount of money available. This is a short window of opportunity (about a 3 weeks) and is on a first come first served basis. This opportunity is for farmers or agri-businesses with old pesticides that cannot be used. There is no cost for disposal for those products that qualify. The grant covers disposal of pesticides only. Lubricants and adjuvants do not qualify. To be eligible for the funds, make a list of each of the products, the quantity, the name of the product and the EPA Registration Number, take photos of the products for disposal and email the list along with the photos to Judy.Glass@KS.gov. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Judy Glass at 785-564-6690 or email at Judy.Glass@KS.gov.


Do not delay if want to take advantage of this opportunity.



Jan 11 - Corn School


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Contact Information

Ray Ladd

County Coordinator, Agriculture Agent, Horticulture Agent, 4-H Agent

Phone:  913-833-5450