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Atchison County

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The 4-H year operates from October 1 to September 30. Any Atchison County youth may join  4-H. To join 4-H, youth should be age 7 prior to January 1 of the current 4-H year. 4-H membership opportunities continue until age 18. Some 4-H projects and activities have age-specific guidelines, check with County Extension for further information. 


4-H is a community message

Enrollment Information

Atchison County Club Information

Participation Form

4-H ONLINE Enrollment  Current 4-H members should complete online enrollment prior to November 1.

Enrollment Card - For personal use 

See Enrollment for more details

For Club and Project Leaders

Volunteer Service Application (for NEW leaders)

Volunteer Service Renewal Form (for RETURNING leaders)

4-H Online Enrollment
4-H  Cloverbuds
A fun program for youth ages 5-7.Must be age 5 before January 1 to participate in Cloverbuds.
Complete the form below to enroll your child. Visit with Atchison County Extension Agents to learn more about the Atchison County Cloverbud program.
Cloverbud Enrollment Form