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Atchison County


4-H Photography

Are You Into It? 

This 4-H project is designed to help you explore the world of photography. From learning
about camera equipment to capturing great images and sharing what you have learned with
others, you are bound to love photography!

  • Discover how to take fascinating photographs
  • Learn about photography as an art, a science and a communication tool
  • Observe and enjoy your surroundings in a photographic world
  • Explore photography as a hobby or profession

Here's What You Can Do All Year! 


Take Photography Further! 

Here are other opportunities to explore photography:

  • Check out books at the library or visit online sources to learn more about technique, about composition, about copyright and privacy laws, and about the history and future of photography
  • Create a portfolio of your best photographs (Take note of what other professionals have done)
  • Enter a photography contest or exhibit at an open class exhibition
  • Enter a National 4-H photo contest
  • Is it fair time? Consider taking an exhibit, a piece of your project learning to the fair for judging and to show what you have learned throughout the year. It might get selected to go to the Kansas State Fair
  • Contact your county KSU Extension Office for other local workshops, activities, and events
  • Attend Kansas 4-H Youth Conference and participate in workshops, motivational speakers and a community service project, bringing ideas back to your community
  • Interested in a college education in the area of photography? Schedule a visit with Kansas State University. www.ksu.edu

4-H Grows Here


4-H Events-Taking It T The Next Level!

4-H Photography Workshop

KSU Project Page 

Basic Photography

Fair Resources

Photography 2020 Schedule TBA

Photo ID Form & Instructions

Photo ID Forms (6 per page)

Photography Judging Form

Photography Score Card

Department H:-Photography Rules

Step It Up!

Pass it on! Now that you know
how, share it with others. Here
are ideas to get you started.


  • Tell your friends about the different types of cameras
  • Interview a professional photographer
  • Demonstrate how to properly present your photos


  • Photograph your club activities and make an album to share
  • Volunteer to take photos for a community event
  • Help archive historical photos


  • Show your friends how to create trick photography
  • Arrange for a guest photographer to present to your club
  • Organize a photo shoot for a local organization or your school

Exhibit Ideas

Identify the parts of a camera
Select, mount, matte a photograph
Photograph various subject matter
o Portrait
o Self Portrait
o Pets/Wildlife
o Landscape
o Panorama
o Buildings/Structures
o Night time
o Reflective
o Action/Sports
o Still life
Experiment with color variation
o Black/white
o Sepia
o Bright color
Use a computer to render photos
o Color enhancements
o Spot color
o Filters
o Distortion
o Type treatment
Create a photo series
Present a poster about matting and framing
Share your photography journal
Demonstrate enlargement and cropping
Prepare a display about flash techniques
Compare types of cameras
Describe the differences in photo formats (.jpg, .tiff, .eps, .png)
Create a PowerPoint of event photos or a series of photos
Produce a short video
Use photo-editing software
Give a presentation showing how to edit images
Analyze lighting techniques