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Are You Into It?

This 4-H project is designed to help you explore the world of clothing. Fashions fade – learn to make your style your own and timeless in the clothing project. Discover what looks best on your body, how to make it, where to buy it, and how to care for it.

• Express yourself through creating and planning an exciting wardrobe

• Develop skills to purchase and make clothing

• Learn how to use equipment to make and care for your clothes

• Make clothes for yourself and others

Here’s what you can do all year!

3 Levels of Learning table

Take Clothing further!

Here are other opportunities to explore Clothing:

  • Contact your County Extension Office to participate in local clothing camps, workshops, or county/regional fairs
  • If selected to represent your county at the State Fair 4-H Clothing Event, participate in the Clothing Selection, Fashion Revue, or The $15 Challenge programs
  • Create your own sewing/tailoring business
  • Demonstrate proper clothing care with friends and family: laundry, repair, and alterations
  • Help family members to shop for clothing that best fits their different body types
  • Interested in a college education in the area of apparel merchandising, design, and production? Visit with your local KSU Extension Office for more information.

CLOTHING AND TEXTILE SCIENCE This project will have you sewing in no time! Members of any age learn basic sewing skills with an easy introductory project --fully elastic-waisted skirt, shorts, pants, or capris. This project can be repeated, but good next projects are sundresses and jumpers.


4-H Grows Here

A Skill I Learned...

Exploring the Elements and Principles in Clothing

Style Engineers – Fashion through science


KSU Project Page


Fair Resources

Fashion Revue Judging Schedule  TBA-July 25

Clothin  Consultation  Judging  Schedule TBA-JUly  25

Fashion Revue-August 3

Cost Per Wear (Form Fillable)
Form also available at Extension Office -disregard July 31 date.  
Note: suggest printing in color on cardstock.

FR Construction Judges Sheet

FR Buymanship Judges Sheet 

Clothing Consultation Construction

Clothing Consultation Buymanship

Online Registration Link 

Fashion Revue Registration22

Registration is due 7/17/23. 

$15 Outfit Form 2022

Clothing Department E Rules 

Fashion Revue Department B Rules

Sample Scripts

Tips to Make Script Writing Easy

Other Resources

K-State 4-H Clothing Project

430.pdf (osu.edu) (Shopping Savy)

American Sewing Guild

Home Sewing Association

Activity Sheets

Step it Up!

Pass it on! Now that you know how, share it with others. Here are ideas to get you started.


  • Make a poster explaining how to read care labels
  • Create a 4-H video demonstrating how to sew on a button
  • Do a presentation on evaluating construction quality of purchased fabric items


  • Donate gently used or outgrown clothing
  • Volunteer to sort and clean donated clothing at second-hand stores
  • Organize a community clothing drive


  • Volunteer to take responsibility for washing your family’s laundry
  • Assist family members in going through their closets to recycle no longer worn clothing
  • Bring your family together to organize a clothing garage sale

Exhibit Ideas

  • Demonstrate the creation of a seasonal clothing calendar and a wardrobe inventory checklist
  • Evaluate cost per wear of various outfits
  • Select multiple fabrics and compare what the fabrics are made of, durability, wrinkle resistance, absorbency, colorfastness, and proper care
  • Identify how fibers from different countries get made into fabrics and clothing
  • Show how to make basic clothing repairs with a needle and thread
  • Demonstrate how different accessories compliment an outfit
  • Identify the pros and cons of shopping at various types of stores (boutique, department, discount, consignment, outlet, and online)
  • Illustrate how integrating design elements and principles can flatter body shapes and positively impact peoples’ first impressions
  • Create a poster identifying the quality of fabrics based on type of fibers, yarn, construction, finish, and coloring methods
  • Describe process of sorting laundry and the effects of water temperature, detergent, bleach, and softener on fabrics
  • Rate the effectiveness of different stain removers on various stains