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Atchison County



Are You Into It?

How does your garden grow? You will learn to plant it, dig it, grow it, show it and eat it.

  • Learn to plan, care for, and manage vegetable and/or flower gardens, lawns, or commercial horticultural crops.
  • Learn about pest management.
  • Learn basic facts about plants and soils
  • Apply knowledge by experimenting with plants in a laboratory or in the field.
  • Learn about landscaping and water gardens.

Here's what you can do all year?

3 Levels of Learning table

Take Horticulture further!

Here are other opportunities to explore horticulture:g

  • Expand your garden and sell produce at farmers markets or to local restaurants
  • Learn about locally grown foods
  • Design an experiment and share the results at your school science fair.
  • Collect seeds and gardens supplies, and then donate them to a local organization.
  • Help children plant a garden at a local daycare or school
  • Job-shadow at a local nursery or farm to explore careers that interests you
  • Attend Iowa 4-H Youth Conference and participate in CSI: Crops and other workshops, motivational speakers and a community service project, bringing ideas back to your community
  • Is it fair time? Consider taking an exhibit, a piece of your project learning to the fair for judging and to show off what you have learned throughout the year. It might get selected to go to the Kansas State Fair.
  • Contact your county KSU Extension Office for other local workshops, activities, and events
  • Meet others interested in horticulture. Check out camps at Rock Spring 4-H Center.
  • Interested in a college education in the area of horticulture or landscape design? Contact your local KSU Extension Office for more information

4-H Grows Here

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Fair Resources


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Cut Flower Specimen Comment Card

Floral Arrangement Comment Card

Horticulture/Notebook Comment Card

Horticulture/Crops Comment Card

Department I:  Crops and Horticulture

Other Resources

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Activity Sheets

Step it up!

Pass it on! Now that you know
how, share it with others. Here
are ideas to get you started.


  • Give a presentation on garden tools or techniques
  • Make a video on how to make a water garden
  • Teach your club how to identify common garden weeds


  • Plant a flower bucket for the fairgrounds
  • Adopt a flower bed at a park
  • Make a compost bed for a community garden
  • Help an elderly or disabled person by planting flowers in their yard


  • Organize a flower/vegetable sale to raise money for a special cause or for your 4-H club
  • Teach a WIC class on using garden produce
  • Volunteer to host a stop on a garden tour

Exhibit Ideas

  • Exhibit vegetables, herbs or flowers at the county or state fair.
  • Make a poster about parts of a plant.
  • Build a compost bin or rain barrel.
  • Prepare an exhibit on how to use fresh herbs in cooking.
  • Create a notebook of common plants for a butterfly garden.
  • Create design a landscape for home.
  • Compare pepper varieties. Keep a record and show the results in a display.
  • Make planters for accessible gardening.
  • Prepare a poster showing proper harvest times for vegetables.
  • Display different types of mulch for the garden.
  • Make a cost comparison of starting your own seeds vs. buying transplants. Show the results on a poster.
  • Create your own garden calendar.
  • Conduct a taste comparison of different varieties.