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Atchison County

2015 Beef Tips

January 2015

  • Avoid Loss From Purchased Disease; Isolate and Test to Protect the Cow Herd
  • Tally Time - Preparing for Calving Season
  • Inaugural Sunflower Supreme Year Successful

March 2015

  • Preparation Key for Successful Bull Purchases
  • Tally Time - Tips for a Successful Synchronization and AI Program
  • 2015 Cattlemen's Day Research Summaries

May 2015

  • Sorghums and Millets for Summer Forage
  • Tally Time - Calving Distribution
  • Grazing Plan Provides Clear Direction Regardless of Rainfall Amount
  • Southeast Agriculture Research Center Report Available
  • Effects of Cultivar and Distiller Grains Supplementation on Grazing and Subsequent Finishing Performances of Stocker Steers Grazing Tall Fescue Pasture
  • Estimating the Amount of Forage Available for Grazing in Summer Annuals

July 2015

  • Calf Markets at Mid-Year: Implications for Management and Marketing
  • Feedlot Exit Weights and Days on Feed Increase in 2014

September 2015

  • Preparation Key for the Transition of Weaning
  • Tally Time - Measure Hay Qality and Quantity for Most Efficient Use
  • Fall Backgrounding and Stocker Margins

November 2015                                   

  • Anaplasmosis Cases in More Areas of Kansas This Year
  • Tally Time – Use Herd Records to Drive Decisions
  • Making Great Cows - Strategic Replacement Female Selection