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Atchison County

2013 Beef Tips


  • Use Calving Ease Scores to Monitor and Reduce Dystocia
  • Tally Time - Performance Records Resolutions for the New year
  • Low Anhydrous Ammonia Application Rate Provides Proportionately Greater Improvement in Forage Quality


  • Water Improvement Opportunities During Drought
  • Tally Time - Short Term Changes in Nutrition can Impact Embryo Survival
  • 2013 Cattlemen's Day Research Summaries


  • May-June Precipitation Provides Early Indicator of Pasture Yield and Animal Performance
  • Sunflower Supreme Heifer Program Initiated in Southeast Kansas
  • Observe Estrus in Cow Herd to monitor Bull Fertility During Breeding Season
  • Double Crop Forages After Wheat


  • Utilize Available Resources When Considering Herd Expansion
  • Tally Time - Cost of Production Varies Widely Between Producers and Continues to Move higher
  • Zilmax Update
  • Prepare for Winter Weather
  • Winter Ranch Management Takes on "Town Hall" Format