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Atchison County

Beef Tips 2014


  • Use Calving Ease EPDs to Select sire for Replacement Heifers
  • Tally Time - High Net Revenue More Important Than Low Cost
  • Guidelines for Successful Heifer Development


  • Tools for Your Drought Management Plan
  • Tally Time - Retain a Short Breeding and Calving Season
  • 2014 Cattlemen's Day Research Summaries


  • Use Stocking Rate Calculations to Grassland Management
  • Tally Time - Evaluate Risk for Delayed Rebreeding
  • Spring Cleaning: Have You Cleaned Your Water Tanks?
  • Estimating Loss in Livestock Production Due to Redcedar Encroachment
  • Photographing Range Can Help Decision Making During and After Drought


  • Heat Stress Abatement: Prevention is the Cure
  • Tally Time - Counting Flies
  • Performances of Limit-fed Pregnant Beef Cows Fed Ammoniated Weat Straw Based Diets


  • When to Wean Calves? It's Not All About Calf Sale Weight
  • Tally Time - Measuring Body Condition
  • Weaning Considerations: Reduce Stress to Minimize Shrink
  • History, Known Management Available in Sunflower Supreme Replacement Heifer Program


  • Water - A Wise Investment
  • Tally Time - Relationships Change
  • Facilities: Is it Time to Make a Change?