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Living Well Together

Welcome to our Living Well Together (virtual) educational series. Using Zoom, to connect individuals and families, this series is sponsored by Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agents in the northeast Kansas region.

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Living Well Together Schedule 200Start your new year right, by zooming in on January 7. We hope you and your friends will join us weekly as FCS extension agents and our guest experts address a variety of topics. Sessions will be held Thursdays at 6:45 p.m. thru March 25. Schedule conflicts? No problem, tune-in on to our recordings avaialble 24/7 on your time. Simply click on the button below; to start your personal journey to build stronger relationships, health, wealth and living well in 2021. 

January 7 “Cooking Road Map” Create your map with ingredients you have on hand. Your destination is tasty and nutritious meals!

January 14 “2021: Cut the Clutter and Get Organized!” Make this common resolution for the new year come true for you! Tips for keeping financial records organized included.

January 21 “Vaccinations: Checking the Facts Together” Experts from the KS Immunization Coalition talk about the importance of vaccines and their safety.

January 28 “Who’s Taking Care of You?” Life is precious and so are you. Learn self-care activities to do every day.





February 4 “A Parents Guide to Social Media” (Adults Only) - Do you know what phone apps are the most popular in the US? Join John Calvert, Director of Safe and Secure Schools Unit, as he teaches us about what apps to be aware of on our child's phone.

February 11 “Love Languages” - Relationships grow better when we understand each other. Everyone gives and receives love differently, but with a little insight into these differences, we can be confidently equipped to communicate love well.

February 18 “Make Active Habits Stick” - If becoming more physically active is on your list of goals this year, we can help. Learn how to create new habits and routines to make change stick. After all, the best physical activity is the one you will actually do!

February 25 “Living Well With Diabetes” - Diabetes is a common, costly, and serious disease. Let's discuss how diabetes can be delayed, controlled, and even prevented.




Session 3    Cooking Road Map                                  January 7  ♦  6:30 pm  ♦  Zoom

Cooking Road Map Recording

Whether you have cooked for years or are just beginning to learn.  This session can help in stretching your food dollar and preventing food waste using what is already on the shelf in your pantry or refrigerator/freezer to create tasty sounds, stir frys, skillet meals and more.

Pandemic Eating Habits of Americans

My Plate

KSRE Publication Cooking Basics: Cooking Terms

KSRE Publication Cooking Basics: Measuring Tools and How to Use Them

KSRE Publication Cooking Basics: Reducing a Recipe

Cooking Beans and Rice Tips

My Plate Kitchen (recipe search)

KSRE Publication Getting Started
KSRE Publication Well-stocked Kitchen:Pantry
KSE  Publication Refrigerated 
KSRE Publication Measuring
KSRE Publication Cooking Terms 
KSRE Publication Making a Meal
KSRE  Publication Reducing a Recipe 
KSRE Publication At Home Safe Food Handling: It's in Your Hands: https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/Item.aspx?catId=390&pubI
KSRE Publication Food Product Dating: What Do Those Dates Mean?: https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/Item.aspx?catId=201&pubId=18544
KSRE Pubication Safe Food Storage: The Cupboard:  https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/Item.aspx?catId=390&pubId=17459
KSRE  publication Safe Food Storage: The Refrigerator and Freezer  https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/Item.aspx?catId=390&pubId=174
KSRE Publication Seasoning with Spices and Herbs 
KSRE Publication Tips for Storing Fresh Produce

More Resources 

Purdue Extension budget friendly recipes

Session 1   Baking Together                                  December 8  ♦  6:30 pm  ♦  Zoom

Baking Together Recording 

Baking Together, as we shelter together, is a way to provide essential, inexpensive and delicious local food. It can also be a very fun way to strengthen personal relationships! Join Family & Consumer Sciences educator, Sharon Davis, and the non-profit HomeBaking.org on December 8 at 6:30 p.m. and bring your baking questions!



 Cooking Basics

KSRE Publication Cooking Basics: Cooking Terms

KSRE Publication Cooking Basics: Measuring Tools and How to Use Them

KSRE Publication Cooking Basics: Reducing a Recipe

Cooking 101

Spend Smart, Eat Smart  

Home Baking  Association Logo

   Home Baking Association Website


Baking with Fiends Information Book Cover 

Click for more about Baking With Friends

Resource links mentioned by speaker, Sharon Davis

Home Baking AssociationVideos: https://www.homebaking.org/videos/ 

King Arthur Flour: www.kingarthurflour.com   Ingredient Weight Chart:  https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/learn/ingredient-weight-chart 

Kansas Wheat: National Festival of Breads: https://nationalfestivalofbreads.com/ 

Food for Fifty Cookbook:-11th edition free  download.  Most current edition-14th 

Session 2   Bonding with Board Games              December 10  ♦  6:30 pm  ♦  Zoom

Bonding  With  Board Games  

Discover how playing board games could help develop the top six qualities exhibited in strong and successful families across the world and across cultures. Unlike video games, board games promote face-to-face interaction and allow us to create a foundation for trust and long lasting relationships. Join Elizabeth Brunscheen-Cartagena, Sedgwick County Extension Agent, on December 10 at 6:30 p.m. to explore Bonding With Board Games

KSRE  Publication Bonding With Board Games Fact Sheet

KSRE Publication  Bonding Thru Board Games Soft Skills Fact Sheet

KSRE  Open Communication and  Active Listening

KSRE  Family Values worksheet


spending time together card  communication card

KSRE Publication Bonding With Board Games-Family  Strength Cards (6 traits   

Providing  tips FCS graphic















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What Is The Impact of Extension FCS Programs

The benefit of the work by FCS agents to individuals, families, and communities is: 

  • Improved or enhanced quality of life 
  • Personal growth 
  • Improved or strengthened families
  • Healthy Communities 
  • Being prepared for the future
  • Successful and sustainable society
  • Help individuals and families be the best they can be
  • Help individuals and families reach or realize their potential
  • Help people create the best life for themselves, their families, and their communities. 
  • Empowering individuals and families across the life span to live and work in a diverse society

Value of Extension Family and Consumer Sciences

 Battelle Report - Executive Summary


Results of 2015 Battelle Study:  Analysis of the Value of Family and Consumer Sciences Extension in the North Central Region Handout

 Educational Programs In Your Community

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Links to previous Living Well Together Programs

  • Raising Kids & More About Growing Relationships
  • Eating Right
  • Spending Smart & Getting  Organized
  • Living Well (Wellness Tips  and Topics)




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