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Atchison County

Atchison County Office 

P.O. Box 187, 201 N Broadway

Lancaster, KS 66041




Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm 

Walk Kansas March 26-May 20, 2023

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Welcome to Walk Kansas 2023!

Online registration is now open. Please register by March 25th! Information about the program, helpful resources, and a link to register is available at www.walkkansas.org.

Grab your walking shoes. Celebrate healthy living 

It is time to kick-off Walk Kansas 2023! We are looking forward to another fun Walk Kansas season and encourage you to tell others about Walk Kansas. Consider inviting friends and family living  in other comunities to join your  team. Imagine the fun possibilities of connecting with cousins in Michigan or  long-time friends in Utah, for 8 weeks as a Walk Kansas team. Engage teams in your workplace for a spring break to celebrate healthy living.

Three Challenges

Each team of fivee or six will choose a challenge to work toward:

Challenge 1:  Discover the 8 Wonders of Kansas! This journey requires each person to get 2 ½ hrs of moderate activity per week.

Challenge 2:  Go Cross Country from Troy (NE) to Elkhart (SW), which requires 4 hrs of activity per person/week.


Challenge 3:  Little Balkans to Nicodemus – a trail that takes you through SE Kansas and then up to Nicodemus with interesting stops along the way. This requires 6 hrs of activity per person/week.

The support of team mates offers a network of support and opportunties to socialize. However, we understand some may prefer a solo option due to Covid or for other reasons. No problem, we have  an option for you.

Solo Option:  This year, a solo option is offeried. A great way to achieve that personal fitness goal.

Atchison County Registeration

Atchison County Walk Kansas---- Online

Registration is not complete until all forms are submitted and fees are paid. You will be unable to log on to the Walk Kansas dashboard. Call if your team is not ready by March 25.

Register online:

▪ Before starting the online registration process, recruit team members (at least 4 – you can add more later). You will need their email address and mailing address. When you register your team, you will be asked to pay for the number of people participating ($10/person) by sending a check. Checks are the local preferred payment option. We will accept multiple checks/cash from team members. Payable to: Atchison County Extension, PO Box 187, Lancaster, KS  66041

▪ Talk with your team and select a goal based on how many minutes of exercise each person will commit to per week –  2 ½ hours, 4 hours or 6 hours.

▪ When this information is gathered, you are ready to register online at www.walkkansas.org.  If you reach a point during the process where you don’t have the requested information, click CANCEL and start again later. (Please do not exit out of the system without selecting CANCEL.) If the online registration process become challenging, please e-mail  atchisoncoext@ksu.edu or  call  913-330-0050.  

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