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Atchison County

Atchison County
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Walk Kansas for Benedictine Ravens

Rocky Raven

Walk Kansas is a lifestyle challenge that celebrates healthy living! 

Are you looking for a fun way to start your journey toward a healthy lifestyle? Call up your friends and join us in participating in Walk  Kansas 2021 program! 


What Is Walk Kansas? 

We are very happy that you are interested in joining Walk Kansas 2021! Walk Kansas is a team-based program, meaning that you will be part of a 6-member team and together you will select a goal or challenge to work towards. During our 8-week long journey, Walk Kansas will introduce to you 9 different lifestyle traits identified in the Blue Zones, which are places around the world where people live measurably longer and healthier lives. 

 Power of Nine



Each person will log minutes of moderate/vigorous activity online and these are converted to Walk Kansas miles (15 minutes= 1 mile) on the website. 

How Do I Start? 

You can start by reaching out to fellow Ravens, family, or friends to form your group of 6 with 1 team captain! Once you have formed a team, your captain will need to register your team online at https://www.walkkansasonline.org/login. If you don't have a team, and would like to join one, you can go online to the same website and register as an individual. This  year a solo option is avaialble, too.

The Extension Office will connect you with a team that has similar goals! 

When Does Walk Kansas Start?

We encourage teams to register before March 28, however, local teams may register after this date by contacting the Atchison  County Extension Office at (913) 833-5450 or AtchisonCoExt@ksu.edu. Walk Kansas will run from March 28-May 22.   As  team  members  need  not  be  active together, Walk Kansas offers the  opportunity to keep in touch with fellow Ravens via the Walk  Kansas dashboard after the spring semester.

Additional information about this program can be found at https://www.atchison.k-state.edu/walk_kansas/index.html

For more information contact K-State Research and Extension Intern, Holly Somerhalder, at some5060@ravens.benedictine.edu.