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Atchison County

Captain's Information

Walk Kansas is back for another year of fitness fun!

It is time for Walk Kansas 2020! Walk  Kansas returns with an updated website that promises to be more user-friendly. Through www.walkkansas.org you can now log directly onto the website, chat with your team, learn about local events, and more, through a new interactive system. Select the My walk tab to register your team.

Here is a step-by-step guide for options you have to register your team of six (that includes you as a member of the team). This year teams have the option of being a team of four to offer more challenges. Meanwhile, this year it possible to form a seven-member team. These variations in team members reflect that each of us is starting at different levels of activity. Walk Kansas is about each of us taking that first step to a lifetime of fitness.

Register online:

▪Go to www.walkkansas.org and click on My Walk Kansas; then click the yellow Register box. Complete the Walk Kansas Registration page with your personal information, as a member of the team. Choose Atchison County as your group.

▪Next, select a program. Choose one of three challenges for your team: 1) 8 Wonders Walk (435 miles), each person logs 150 minutes per week. 2) Cross Country (764 miles), 4 hrs/person each week. 3) Little Balkans to Nicodemus (1200 miles), requiring each person to get 6 hrs/week. (You can change this selection later if needed.)

▪ Check Team Captain to create your team. The system will identify your team by the captain’s name and you will have the opportunity to change this later.

▪ List other members of your team and their email address or mailing address. The system will automatically send an invitation (electronic or snail mail) to other team members asking them to register online.

▪The next page asks you to authorize a responsibility agreement and photo release. (Each team member will do this also.)

▪The next tab takes you to the Walk Kansas store where you can place an order for any of the available items.

▪Click the blue checkout button and follow instructions for payment. The system automatically calculates sales tax on apparel items only, not program registration. If you pay by check/cash, your order will not be placed until payment is received in the Extension Office. 

Register with paper forms:

▪Distribute participant information to each team member.

▪Select a team challenge and complete the Team Registration Form.

▪Collect registration forms, program fees, and payment for t-shirts (optional). Return forms and payment (One check per team preferred, but the team captain can also collect checks from team members as well.) to the Extension office before March 17. The team may register after this date, but you will be unable to use the online reporting system until registration is complete. Registration is not complete until all forms are collected and fees are paid.

Walk Kansas Headline

Registration Opens February 18th for Walk Kansas 2020.  You may register online at  www.walkkansas.org. Click on the MyWalkKansas link.

Note: Due to variations in browsers it is best to download this file to your computer and print out with Adobe Reader. If you are having problems, please contact us directly so we can e-mail the forms directly to you.

Walk Kansas 5K

May 2, 2020, on KSU Campus 

Captain's Information

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