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Atchison County

FCS Time 2 Shine Campaign

Mindful Monday's

Mindful Mondays

 Taco ‘Bout What You’re Cooking Tuesday 

Talk About your Cooking 

Working Together Wednesday

Working Together

Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday

Family & Friends Friday

Family & Friends




















Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Extension is committed to improving the quality of life for individuals and families -building strong families  and  communities racross Kansas.

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More than 50 programs are developed and available from FCS County Agents, focusing on:


Family and Consumer Sciences Extension encourages families to make proactive choices to improve individual  health and well-being, whether choosing a low fat, nutritious diet, increasing health literacy for chronic disease prevention, or participating in regular physical activity


Nurturing FamiliesNurturing Families

Family and Consumer Sciences Extension focuses on individual and family development by promoting effective communication, understanding developmental ages and stages, appreciating individual and cultural differences, developing a strong value system, making wise decisions, and encouraging a supportive environment

EMBRACING LIFE AS WE AGEEmbracing Life as You Age

Throughout all life stages, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate the changes that accompany aging. Family and Consumer Sciences Extension helps individuals, families, and communities manage the challenges and discover the positive aspects of life transitions and growing older.


In the current economy, financial stability is important. That stability rests with families securing and managing their basic human needs of food, clothing, and shelter. Increasing buying power with wise consumer decision-making, avoiding pitfalls of overextended credit, developing saving habits, and managing financial risks are topics taught by Family and Consumer Sciences Extension. 

PROMOTING HEALTHY HOMES & COMMUNITIESPromoting Healthy Homes and Communities

Through Family and Consumer Sciences Extension, individuals improve safety in their home and decrease their environmental footprint. Community efforts are designed to promote healthy lifestyles throughout the lifespan. 


Family and Consumer Sciences Extension helps families gain access to food and to stretch food dollars; communities to decrease hunger; and local food assistance programs to educate recipients on healthy and safe food preparation methods. Family and Consumer Sciences agents are pivotal in training consumers and producers to
maximize local access to farm-to-table food products.


Building the capacity of volunteer leaders is critical for the sustainability of communities that support and strengthen families. Family and Consumer Sciences Extension is committed to engaging, educating, and empowering local citizens to investigate issues, make responsible decisions, and take ownership of solutions.
















Links to club practice grids

Atchison Shamrock  https://flipgrid.com/atcoaspractice

Atchison Aviators   https://flipgrid.com/atcoaapractice

Effingham Community  https://flipgrid.com/atcoecpractice

Lancaster Lightning  https://flipgrid.com/atcollpractice

Lucky Clover  https://flipgrid.com/atcolcpractice

Meadowlark  https://flipgrid.com/atcomdpractice


Below you will find links to 4-Hers digital project storyboards, and locations to find 4-Hers projects on display. 

Department A Banners:                       https://flipgrid.com/atcobanners

Department B:  Fashion Revue

Beginner                  https://flipgrid.com/atcofashrevbeginner
Junior                      https://flipgrid.com/atcofashrevjunior
Intermediate            https://flipgrid.com/atcofasrevintermed
Senior                     https://flipgrid.com/atcofashrevsenior

Department C:  Consumer Judging       https://flipgrid.com/atcoconsumerjudging

Department D:  Demonstrations/         https://flipgrid.com/atcodemonstration
                       Performing Arts

Department E:  Clothing                     

Beginner                  https://flipgrid.com/atcoclothingbeg          
Junior                      https://flipgrid.com/atcoclothingjr
Intermediate            https://flipgrid.com/atcoclothingintermed   
Senior                     https://flipgrid.com/atcoclothingsr

Department F:  Food Preparation and Preservation

Beginner                 https://flipgrid.com/atcofoodsbeginner     
Junior                     https://flipgrid.com/atcofoodsjunior
Intermediate           https://flipgrid.com/atcofoodsintermed
Senior                    https://flipgrid.com/atcofoodssenior        
Yeast                     https://flipgrid.com/atcofoodsbreads
Decorated              https://flipgrid.com/atcofoodsdecorated

Department G:  Arts and Crafts           https://flipgrid.com/atcoartsandcrafts
                        Fiber Arts                  https://flipgrid.com/atcofiberarts         

Department H:  Various - including Home Environment, Photography, Rocketry, Woodworking, Posters, etc.

Home Environment                    https://flipgrid.com/atcohomeenviroment
Electricity                                 https://flipgrid.com/atcoelectricity
           Beginner                        https://flipgrid.com/atcobegentomology
           Intermediate                  https://flipgrid.com/atcointerentomology
Geology                                    https://flipgrid.com/atcogeology
Photography <3 yrs                   https://flipgrid.com/atcophotography3less
Photography 4-6 yrs                  https://flipgrid.com/atcophotography4to6
Photography 7+ yrs                   https://flipgrid.com/atcophotography7yrs
Rocketry                                   https://flipgrid.com/atcorocketry 
Robotics                                    https://flipgrid.com/atcorobotics 
Forestry                                    https://flipgrid.com/atcoforestry 
Woodworking                            https://flipgrid.com/atcowoodworking 
Poster                                       https://flipgrid.com/atcoposters
Other Projects                           https://flipgrid.com/atcootherprojects
Place Setting                             https://flipgrid.com/atcoplacesetting 
STEAM-Earth Science                 https://flipgrid.com/atcoearthscience       
STEAM-Livestock                       https://flipgrid.com/atcosteamlivestock
STEAM-Food/Nutrition/Health     https://flipgrid.com/atcosteamfood
STEAM-Art                                https://flipgrid.com/atcosteamart
STEAM-Other                            https://flipgrid.com/atcosteamother

STEAM  FOR  Students

377 STEAm-Earth Science                        https://flipgrid.com/377steamart   

377 STEAM-Livestock                              https://flipgrid.com/377steamlivestock

377 STEAM-Food/Health/Nutrition             https://flipgrid.com/377steamfood

377 STEAM-Art                                        https://flipgrid.com/377steamart

377 STEAM-Other                                    https://flipgrid.com/377steamother

Department I:  Crops and Horticulture     

Crops                                       https://flipgrid.com/atcocrops 
Horticulture                              https://flipgrid.com/atcohorticulture 
Honey                                      https://flipgrid.com/atcohoney

Department J:  Flowers       

Flower Specimen                       https://flipgrid.com/atcoflowerspecimen                                
Arrangements                           https://flipgrid.com/atcoflowerarrange                       
House/Hanging Plants               https://flipgrid.com/atcohouseplants                

Department K:  Beef

Breeding Beef                          https://flipgrid.com/atcobreedingbeef 
Market Steers/Heifers               https://flipgrid.com/atcomarketsteer 
Home Raised Market Steer        https://flipgrid.com/atcohomeraised                                                                                    Bucket  Calf                             https://flipgrid.com/atcobucketcallf


Department L:  Dairy/Goats

Dairy Fitting & Showing            https://flipgrid.com/atcodairyshowing
Dairy Goats                             https://flipgrid.com/atcodairygoats
Meat Market Goats                   https://flipgrid.com/atcomeatmarketgoats
Breeding Meat Does                 https://flipgrid.com/atcobreedingmeatdoes                
Meat Goat Showmanship          https://flipgrid.com/atcomeatgoatshowman
Hobby Goat                             https://flipgrid.com/atcohobbygoat                                                                                     Dairy Beef https://flipgrid.com/atcodairybeef

Department M:  Swine

Market Pigs                             https://flipgrid.com/atcomarketpigs
Swine Fitting & Showing           https://flipgrid.com/atcopigsfittingshow  Breeding Pigs      https://flipgrid.com/atcobreedingpig

Department N:  Sheep and Wool

Wool Fleeces                           https://flipgrid.com/atcowoolfleeces
Sheep Fitting & Showing          https://flipgrid.com/atcofittingshowing
Market Lamb                           https://flipgrid.com/atcomarketlamb
Breeding Sheep                       https://flipgrid.com/atcobreedingsheep

Department O:  Horse Show

Halter                                        https://flipgrid.com/atchhorsehalter
Showmanship                             https://flipgrid.com/atchhorseshowmanship
Walk & Trot                                https://flipgrid.com/atcohorsewalktrot
Western Pleasure/Horsemanship  https://flipgrid.com/atcohorsewestern
Reining                                      https://flipgrid.com/atcohorsereining
Trail Class                                  https://flipgrid.com/atcohorsetrailclass
4-H Royalty                                https://flipgrid.com/atcohorseroyalty
Poles/Barrels/Flags                     https://flipgrid.com/atcopolesbarrelsflag
All Ages Events                           https://flipgrid.com/atcohorseallages
Ride a Buck, English Pleasure, Sack/Pick Up Race, Mystery Class

Department P:  Overall Fitting and Showing          https://flipgrid.com/atcolivestockfitshow

Department Q:  Dog Show

Dog Showmanship                    https://flipgrid.com/atcodogshowmanship
Dog Obedience                         https://flipgrid.com/atcodogobedience
Dog Agility                               https://flipgrid.com/atcodogagility

Department R:  Pet Show                                    https://flipgrid.com/atcopetshow

Department S:  Poultry                                       https://flipgrid.com/atcopoultry

Department T:  Rabbits

Rabbits Division I                      https://flipgrid.com/atcorabbits1
Rabbits Division II                     https://flipgrid.com/atcorabbits2
Rabbits Division III                    https://flipgrid.com/atcorabbits3
Rabbit Showmanship                 https://flipgrid.com/atcorabbitshowman 

Department U:  4-H Day Camp/Special Event        None in 2020












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