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Atchison County

Thrifty Thursday

Stained clothes doesn't mean they need to be tossed.  While there are many commercial stain treatments available; check out the stain removal tips that use common household ingredients to save your money for other expenses.  Grass stains, ink pen accidents, or food stains,  we have you covered.                                                      Laundry Stain Guide

Eat better on a budget- plan before you shop, purchasing items at the best price, and preparing meals that stretch your food dollars. Read more at
Eating Better on a Budget

Abrupt loss of income, whatever the reason, is traumatic. Developing and following a plan can reduce stress and help you maintain control of your financial position. Additional tips at  
Don't Panic-Take Control

Substitute more costly goods and services for less costly where possible. Is walking an option rather than driving? Store brand versus name brand? Additional tips available at 
Sharpening Your Survival Skills

Recycle clothing. Swap items and services with a friend or neighbor. Additional tips available at 
Making Ends Meet

 Fixing a screen

Another Thrifty Thursday Tip-replacing Screens
Thought I would share this do it yourself screen repair video from Harvey County Extension. KSRE is an educational network across our state backed by the research of the state's land grant university. Did you realize there are extension agent educators in every county in the state and nation? Think about Family and Consumer agents as "community librarians" equipped with reliable information to assist your family with life decisions. Classes, websites, publications, social media, phone calls, office visits and more. Fees for our services:free. Some classes have a small registration fee. #KSRECountyExtension #FCSTime2Shine