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Atchison County

Mindful Mondays

“Commit to uninterrupted time each day to practice a mindful meditation.”  Read more tips at
 Everyday Mindfulness

Create a “common ground” for sharing and support. Families may grow stronger when they feel connected. A shared understanding of “how we live together as a family” is important. This can mean having similar beliefs and values related to your culture, or your faith and spirituality. See more tips at 
Managing Family Stress During COVID-19

Take regular five-to-10 minute breaks in your day to relax and recharge. Doing this multiple times a day renews your energy. Additional tips available at 
My Coping Strategies Plan

“Take 10 minutes and reflect on your blessings.” Additional physical, mental, and spiritual coping strategies for Stress at
12 Tools for your Wellness Toolbox


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