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Atchison County

Friends & Family Friday

Families are encouraged to help their children distress and regulate their emotions by engaging in yoga. Learn more at
Family Coping Techniques

Family bonding time is important to maintain close relationships among family members. One way to increase this time is with Euro-style board games. Learn more at
Bonding with Board Games

Strong friendships are important in people’s lives, and they are especially important in marriages and intimate relationships. However, sometimes keeping a friendship with a partner can be more difficult than with a friend.  Learn more at
Couple Talk

Families that enjoy each other build strong family relationships. Time spent playing together provides a relaxed way for family members to bond with each other. Learn more at
Family Talk

Family distance can be stressful and challenging, but it also provides unique ways for strengthening family ties. Establish regular routines for staying connected and take advantage of technology. Learn more at
Loving Long Distance

 How To Talk With Someone With Dementia    Great resource for family and staff.

Build Intercultural Relationships for Better Understanding of Your Neighbor   How can we recognize when a community is not cohesive? 1. Can we call our neighbors by name? 2. Do we trust one another? 3. Are the senior citizens, the poor, or those of difference isolated from others in the mainstream.  Leader Guide Supplement