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This year's challenge starts on November 18 and continues until December 31.  Registration will remain open during the holiday season.  Do  invite friends  and family to join the 2019 Healthy  Holiday  Challenge.  The  Challenge is free.  You do not need  to reside in Atchison County to participate. To complete  your registration, click  on the Register Now  link  below.  You  will receive  a  confirmation  e-mail  from  North  Carolina  Extension  within 24  hours  of  registering that  confirms  your  registration.
Note: Some  users may have encountered a technical glitch when attempting to sign up prior November 18. You will need to register again if  you  DID  NOT  receive a confirmation  e-mail following  sign-up.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  We  have  tested  the system  and  it  is now  working  properly.  Please call our office  at  913-833-5450 if you have further questions. 


The 2019 Holiday Challenge: 

  • Free               
  • Available to anyone with a valid email address
  • Weekly Newsletters
    • Increase Physical Activity
    • Make Mindful Choices
  • Daily Tips
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Healthy Holiday Recipes
  • Prizes and Weekly Winners
  • Support through social media
  • Support group on MyFitnessPal.com