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Sign up to log your walking time. No registration fee when you click on the link below.


FallN2@Fitness Time Register Here

Week 2 Challegnes

This week as you plan your walk, check out this challegne.  Can you  identify any of the mystery sites below? Take  your camera on  your  stroll and take a selfie at the location. Strive for 5 location selfies this week.  Prize for the person sharing the first five location selfies. E-mail:  AtchisonCoExt@ksu.edu

 Fitness ChallengeWeek  2


More Plants On Your Plate Challengebrossel sprouts


fiber                                   Challenge: Are you getting enough fiber in your diet? Practice reading food labels for fiber content.


Never stop learning 

You Are NEVER TOO OLD To Learn Challenge- Strive to learn one new thing every day.



Challenge: Discover resources to help manage stress.



Laughter Challegne: Can you laugh 25 times today? Download to read more about the laughter challegene

Understanding Wellness

Wellness  Wheel

You're in charge. Learn how a holistic approach to your well-being fitness can help you discover health, contentment, purpose, and connection. 

Before you begin, you need to know where you are!  This overall assessment can help you determine where you are in each aspect of wellbeing and point to areas where you might want to make changes.  On the following screens, we’ll ask you 13 simple questions. Don’t overthink your answers—just select how you feel today. Your answers are private and never shared. Let's Get Started

Daily Challenges

Day 1


Day 2soup



The term,“mindfulness” seems to be everywhere — it’s touted as the new yoga, the answer to stress, or the alternative to prescription drugs. But beyond the buzz, do you understand the concepts of “mindfulness”?  Let's  discuss a definition of mindfulness, share some of the           benefits of practicing mindfulness, provide samples of simple exercises, and provide resources to explore.

Mindfulness Has Many Definitions

  • Living in the present moment/awareness ofthe present moment — paying close attention to thoughts, physical sensations, and our surroundings.
  • Observing personal experiences of mindfulness, being completely focused on a project — reading a book, doing a hobby, or playing a sport.This heightened awareness is mindfulness.
  • Taking a few deep breaths — becoming fully aware of the present moment.
  • Having nonjudgmental awareness in which each thought, feeling, and sensation is acknowledged and accepted in their present state.This steady thought, feeling, and sensation is acknowledged and accepted in their present state.This steady
  • Having nonjudgmental awareness in which each thought, feeling, and sensation is acknowledged and accepted in their present state.This steady and non-reactive attention usually differs from the way people normally operate in the world.

  • Paying attention, precisely to the present moment without judgement.

Unwind Deep Relaxation

Be the Breath Meditation

Mindful Meditation

Mountain Meditation

Observing The Breadth

Body Scan

Fall Photography Tips



    • mtvernonfallimaginefriendshipfall

Looking for ways to capture fall with a photo-check out these tips offered by Nikon Ambassador, Deb Sandidge featured in USA Today.                                                                               https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/experience/america/2021/09/23/fall-activities-kids-family-foliage-forecast-leaf-peeping/5656291001/Fall Photography Tips

Photo Contest Rules

  1. Capture autumn's splendor by taking a photo(s) featuring our community. Photo location should be included with entry.(Atchison County and neighboring counties)
  2. There is no limit to the number of photos submitted.
  3. Images may be in color or black and white. Photos may be digitally altered.   
  4. Persons submitting must be a registered participate of the FallN2Fitness 2021 educational program to be eligible for prizes.
  5. Photos must be the original work of the person submitting the image.
  6. By submitting photo, owner agrees that image may be displayed online and printed in an 8x10 photo for public display. K-State Research and Extension-Atchison County reserves the right not to publicly display photos due to inappropriate content, technical issues related to electronic files, misrepresentation of ownership or late entry. Photo entries may be submitted as print media or as a digital file.
  7. A people's choice award will be selected. This photographer will receive a $50 Atchison Chamber Gift Certificate. Decisions regarding recognition will be final. Winning image may be used for future publicity. If entry numbers merit, a second category FallN2Fitness will be offered.
  8.  A contest entry date TBA and form must be submitted with the photo. Photos may  be mailed to the Atchison County  Extension Office, PO  Box 109,  Effingham, KS  66023.  Images may be e-mailed to the  following address: AtchisonCoExt@ksu,edu. Subject line: Photo Contest.