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Atchison County

artsandcrafts Welcome To The Fair

Click below to sign our virtual 2020 Atchison County Fair guestbook to view 4-H exhibits. Check back as we continue to feature additional department exhibits. If you have trouble signing  into our guest book to see the 4-H exhibits,  call  913-844-540 or e-mail  atchisoncoext@ksu.edu  





 See 4-H Fair Exhibits Displayed Across Atchison County    



Enjoy Fair Food On Your Exhibit Tour


Quick  Stop-Atchison

Martha's Sweets-  Effingham

Muscotah Mercantile Cafe-Muscotah

 Doves Nest Car Show and Food-Effingham (Saturday Only)













Join the 4-H Fun-Celebrate The Adventure Link

The End For 2020  


























Magic of Scan Codes

4-Hers will be sharing their fair exhibits across Atchison County  August 6-August 12 While most of the exhibits will be real: our 4-Hers will not be onsite to guide your fair tour.  But experience the next best thing, scan the code with your phone, and magic happens! You will see the featured  Atchison County  4-Her  sharing about their  4-H  year and showcasing their exhibits.



You will need to download a  scanner app on your device.  (It  works just like scan codes found on merchandise.) We think this is a fun way to connect with 4-Hers  with our local fair friends plus it allows  Grandma in  Seattle to join the fair adventure, too!  Check out the scan magic below.  Our sample code will connect you to a to a 4-H photography project exhibit.



Exhibit Display Locations

Check this link for a listing of individual  4-Hers exhibit community site locations. Exhibits will be displayed by families across  Atchison  County. Be sure to share your appreciation with the local business and organization host sites.


Broadcasting  of 4-H Shows

rainbow Communications  staff will  broadcasting 4-H shows.  Check back for their final  schedule coming  soon.


2020 Fair Sponsors  Check out their websites and  Facebook pages, for fair deals and maybe even some fair pig  squeals!

 Atchison County Farm Bureau

Farm Credit-Hiawatha Regional Office

KANZA Radio 103.9

KAIR Radio  93.7

Atchison Globe

Rainbow Communications

The Hardware Store

Atchison Library

Bank of Atchison

Exchange Bank

United  Country 

Atchison Chamber of Commerce

Quick  Stop West

Trinity Episcopal Church

Fair Food Locations  

Check out  this link during  fair week  for  fair  food on the  menu  across  Atchison County.


To Our Virtual  Guest Book

Unlock the key to viewing virtual Fair exhibits

Exhibits open on August 6.