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Atchison County

2020 Fair

2020 County Fair

Until July 7, Atchison County is currently at stage 3.5 in the health phase-out plan. Groups are limited to gatherings of no more than 45 people.  Please continue to wear mask face masks, practice social distancing, and frequently wash your hands to prevent the continued community spread of COVID 19 within our community. 


The 2020 fair is going to be one for the record books! 

Due to the pandemic, this year will have a new look. All public fair events have been canceled. Fair traditions will continue and 4-Hers will display their fair project exhibits in the community. Exhibits will be displayed in businesses and other locations across the county.

2020 Atchison County Fair Dates & Tentative Plans

August 3-8
Judging of Youth Projects  (Immediate family only)

August 6-12
4-H Display of Exhibits at Local Businesses & Virtual Fair Viewing for Our Community.

**There are no Open Class entries for Atchison County this year** 

Here you will find links to 4-Hers digital project storyboards, and locations to find 4-Hers projects on display. 

Fair week is a week-long celebration. The community may not realize that the fair provides an opportunity for 4-Hers to receive feedback to assist them in life skill development. Due to this learning experience, we hope to be able to follow CDC guidelines and continue the fair judging experience for members only this year.

We hope that when community members travel to local businesses to view 4-H displays, they will also make a purchase at your business. Since there will be no public fair events, we would like to invite you to partner with us to bring the county fair to the community.

Thank you in advance for your support. To help us plan, we ask you to complete the survey at the link below. This information will be used to connect 4-H exhibit displays with community businesses.