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Atchison County

 Fair Events and Activities

STEAM Did you enjoy STEAM activities in your classroom this year? Perhaps you did STEAM activities together during this spring's stay-at-home time.  We invite YOU to showcase your STEAM projects at this year's Atchison County Fair. Fair categories are listed below.

 Atchison County Fair STEAM Adventure Classes

 STEAM-Earth Science                 https://flipgrid.com/377steamoearthscience 

Poster-STEAM Item-STEAM Home Project-STEAM Talk-STEAM Miscellaneous 
STEAM-Livestock                       https://flipgrid.com/377steamlivestock

Poster-STEAM Item-STEAM Home Project-STEAM Talk-STEAM Miscellaneous 
STEAM-Food/Nutrition/Health     https://flipgrid.com/377steamfood

Poster-STEAM Item-STEAM Home Project-STEAM Talk-STEAM Miscellaneous 
STEAM-Art                                https://flipgrid.com/377steamart

Poster-STEAM Item-STEAM Home Project-STEAM Talk-STEAM Miscellaneous 
STEAM-Other                            https://flipgrid.com/377steamother

Poster-STEAM Item-STEAM Home Project-STEAM Talk-STEAM Miscellaneous  



Join us on Thursday, August 5 from 1-3 pm at the  Blue  Building in Effingham to share your  STEAM project with a community friend. Ribbons for all youth. We ask  persons  over  age 12 who  are not  competly  vacinated to  follow  curren  DC  guidelines reated to weaingr face mask,  personal  hygienes and social distancing.

Become A STEAM Star @ the Atchison County Fair Virtual Option

1. To get started, click on a hotlink above. This will start your adventure to become a "super STEAM star"! To enter our recording studio, you will be asked to enter your student ID.  (Reminder this will be the first 2 letters of your first name and your entire last name. No spaces or capital letters required for STEAM stars. And if your brother or sister happens to have a similar first name, keep adding letters to your first name until you are different than your sibling or cousin Sorry nicknames will not work for our STEAM stars.!) Be sure to jot down your student ID for additional entries. Or call/e-mail the Extension Office (913-833-5450 or atchisoncoext@ksu.edu ) or Mrs. Small if you forget.

2.  Welcome to our Flipgrid recording studio. Read or listen to the directions that appear on the screen. Now you are ready for your recording adventure!

3.  Next, scroll down the page until you see the green circle with a white cross button. Click on this button and you are ready to show and share your STEAM project with others. Lights-camera-action. You are ready to record and star in your very own STEAM video.

4. You can record directly on the computer. Or you can ask your "family film crew" to capture a video on their phone or another device. You will then upload your video to the grid.  Be sure to click the forward arrow to continue creating your video. Pushing the back arrow will delete your video and you will need to start over.

5.  You can upload a  "selfie" by pushing the back arrow and selecting a frame from your video.  Or upload a favorite picture from your device. Use the optional buttons to add some fun to your video.!

6. Click the forward arrow. You are almost finished- name your STEAM  project and opt for just your first name only. Or use your "STEAM star stage name" to share your project with your fans!  

7.  Click the button.  Congratulations-You have just completed your first STEAM star recording session.  Notice the screen confetti celebrating your achievements! Be sure to save your URL link or the scan code and share it with friends and family to see you "starring live at the Atchison County fair."  Also, the public will be able to view your STEAM video beginning  August 7 by clicking on our virtual fair showcase. https://www.atchison.k-state.edu/fair/fair_book/index.html

 Join us on Thursday, August 5 from 1-3 pm at the  Blue  Building in Effingham to share your  STEAM project with a community friend. Ribbons for all youth. We ask  persons  over  age 12 who  are not  competly  vacinated to  follow  curren  DC  guidelines reated to weaingr face mask,  personal  hygienes and social distancing.


  Click on  STEAM Scavenger Hunt below to download.  Start your family fun  STEAM adventure!



Volunteer Locally- 4-H Programs Open  To  All Youth  Ages 7-18

Welcome and thank you for considering volunteering to work with youth in Kansas 4-H.  The Kansas 4-H Youth Development Program depends on adult and youth volunteers to help youth gain the five Kansas 4-H Life Skills of a positive self-concept, an inquiring mind, a concern for the community, healthy interpersonal relationships and sound decision making.

If you have not already contacted the local Extension Office you plan to volunteer for, please do so as soon as you can, to obtain the required Kansas 4-H Volunteer Service Application.  The completed application is your first step toward volunteering with Kansas 4-H.  All Kansas 4-H volunteers must complete the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Volunteer Screening process through their local Extension Office to work with Kansas 4-H youth.  Your local Extension Office will guide you through the process.

The main roles for local volunteers are Community Club LeaderProject Leader or Activity Leader.  There are many more roles for volunteers, check with your local club and/or Extension Office for more information.  



 STEAM in the Community 


Thank you Kansas 4-H  Foundation  for providing funding  to  support STEAM learning  experiences in our communityStem ChallegeneSince 1919 Atchison County Extension Agents have been visiting classrooms across  Atchison County to provide STEAm education.  Teaching about growing hybrid corn, livestock breeding, and safe food preservation were some of our earliest topics.  The world has seen a few changes in the past 100 years.  Today we are teaming up public school to provide hands-on STEAM learning in the classroom. USD 377 students enjoy weekly project-based learning classes taught by Wanda Small  Students learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Arts and Math using  Extension youth resources.  Students at USD 409 grow a garden and learn about health, nutrition, and more.  Agents also cooperate with private schools and support educational resources for home-based learning.  There are multiple opportunities to support youth STEAM education in our community. Donations can be made online via our established  Atchison Community Foundation account or by visiting with  Extension Agents regarding in-kind, celebration, memorial, or estate gifts. 

The race to land humans on Mars is on! The 2020 4‑H STEM Challenge was to explore sending a mission to Mars with the activity, Mars Base Camp.


Developed by Google and Virginia Cooperative Extension, Mars Base Camp is a collection of activities that teaches kids ages 8-14 STEM skills like mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, and agriculture.

View FAQS about this the challenge.

This year, 4‑H will be offering two different sized Mars Base Camp kits to ensure young people everywhere, regardless of internet access or family resources, can participate:

  • Educator Kit: Includes materials for 12 youth to participate in the STEM Challenge at the same time. Kits can be used in spaces where physical distancing and other safety precautions can be followed.
  • Family-sized Kit: Includes materials for 1-4 youth to participate in the STEM Challenge at the same time, enabling families to participate from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Contact the Atchison County Extension Office for  check-out details.

2019 Challenge-Game Changers



2018 Challenge-Code Your World


2017 Challenge-Incredibles Wearables



2016 Challenge-Drone Discovery


2015 Challenge-Motion Commotion 


2014 Challenge-Rockets To The Rescue


Explore additional previous STEM Challenges (formerly 4‑H NYSD) activities.

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