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Atchison County


Food Safety, Health and Nutrition

Clean          Separate          Food Safety          Cook          Chill

At Home Food SafetyFood Safety For Fair ExhibitsWe Know Food Safety
Consumers Can Fight BACOn-Farm Food Safety - Food HandlingOn-Farm Food Safety - Cleaning & Sanitizing
Handle Food SafelyPower OutagesSalmonella and Eggs
Prevent Foodborne IllnessesStoring Food SafelySlow Cooker Safety
Freezing and Food SafetyIs It Done Yet?Food Safety Home
Barbecue SafetyKeep Foods SafeMicrowave Safety
Refrigeration and Food SafetySafe Defrosting MethodsWashing Food
The Danger Zone Food Safety Government Site Home Food Freezing
Produce SafetySafety of Garden Produce Food Cooking Temperatures
Food Storage Chart Shopping Safety 4-H Food Safety
Food Safety for Boomers and Beyond Food Safety Advice Holiday Food Safety
Tailgating Food Safety Summertime Food Safety Proper Food Handling
Four Steps to Food Safety Food Storage for Safety & QualityPesticides
Produce Food Safety  

Grains    Fruit    Human Nutrition    Vegetables    Milk    Meat

Extension Human NutritionHealthy PeopleFood & Nutrition Information Center 
Family Nutrition Program Heart Health Sugars 
Cholesterol Starch & Fiber Weigh To Diet (Leader's Guide)
Weigh To Diet (Fact Sheet) Color Me Healthy Fast Food Nutrition Guide 
Liquid Assets   

Corn         Tomatoes         Food Preservation        Strawberries         Peas

Canning ProductsPreserve Foods Safely Nation Center for Home Food Preservation 
Home Food Preservation Ball Blue Book Safe Home Food Preservation 
Harvesting & Fresh Preserving Guide   

  Egg Allergy     Nut Allergy     Food Allergies     Shellfish Allergy     Peanut Allergy

Food Allergy and AnaphylaxisReducing the Risk Food Allergy Resources 
Resource List on Food Allergies Food Allergy Network for Kids & TeensAllergen Online 

Physical Activity        Physical Activity   

Nutrition and  Physical ActivityActivity For the Ages Health Benefits of Exercise 
Kansans Move Into Health Kids a Cookin' and a Movin' Strength Training 
Tips for Increasing Physical Activity   

Gluten Intolerance          Food Intolerances           Lactose Intolerance

Lactose IntolerancePediatric Celiac DiseaseCeliac Disease
Milk For Kids with Lactose Intolerance Food Intolerances