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Atchison County

Dietary Guidelines & Tips

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Empty CaloriesWhat Are Oils?
How May Vegetables Are Needed?How Much Fruit Is Needed?
How Many Grains Are Needed?How Much Dairy Is Needed?How Much Protein is Needed?

2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans  

  - 2015 Dietary Guidelines for                                Americans     

              full document (pdf)

  - Q&A for 2015 Dietary Guidelines



Tips About ...
Whole GrainsAntioxidants
Walking Off MunchiesCalcium
Dark ChocolateSodium
Nutritional ValueZinc
Special DietsNiacin
Holiday GiftsVitamin C
Losing WeightVitamin E
Adult Physical ActivityMinerals
Fat in Your DietFolate
Limit SugarChromium
Holiday Weight GainThiamin
Focus On FruitsVitamin B6
Children Physical ActivityVitamin A
CholesterolVitamin K
Halt SaltIron
Reading Food LabelsPotassium
Carbohydrate LabelsFluoride
Nutrient DensityRiboflavin
Lean with ProteinVitamin B12
Comfort FoodsVitamin D
Calcium Rich FoodsFiber
Moderate Alcohol