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Atchison County

Extension Office Is In Lancaster 

The location of the Atchison County Extension Office is in Lancaster in co-location with Scholz Insurance. The address is 201 N. Broadway. The new phone number will be 913-330-0050.

Atchison County Extension Board Members

Shanna Neill-Chair
Sheila Chalfant-Vice Chair
Kerry Bowman-Secretary
Charles Perdue-Treasurer
LaRochelle Young-Community Development Representative
Mike Zuzulo-Ag and Natural Resources Reprsentative
Jennifer Maxwell-Youth Development/4-H
Elizabeth Fischer- Community Development Representative  
Allison Marschen-Family and Consumer Sciences Representative


The board meets monthly. 

The next board meeting is scheduled for February 6 at 6:00 pm at the Extension Office in Lancaster. 

Civil Rights and Diversity

civil rights training

K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider. What does this mean?

civil rights training

Think You Might Be Interested In Helping Reach Diverse Audiences In Our Community

County Extension Council

The local Extension program is guided by the Extension Council comprised of Program Development Committees (PDC) for the four program areas: Agriculture/Natural Resources, Family & Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development and Community Vitality. The members of these committees are elected according to the Kansas Extension Council law. 

               The Extension Council represents the citizens of Atchison County and guidance on local programs. The Council is made up of business people, community leaders, farmers, home makers, teachers, and others who have an interest in Extension education from trusted and researched information from land grant college – Kansas State University.

Atchison County Extension Council Members (2023-24)


DistrictAgriculture & Natural ResourcesFamily  & Consumer Sciences4-H Youth  DevelopmentCommunity Development
District OneCharles PerdueMarcia Symns

Kerry Bowman

Desarae Locke
District  OneLarry BuessingJean DowellChristina WagnerLaRochelle Young
District Two

Lois Niemann

Shelia ChalfantJennifer MaxwellElizabeth Fischer
District TwoJeff HaleLinda MeyerMeghan HoffmanSara Kramer
District ThreeMichael ZuzuloAllison MarschenShanna NeillKen Young
District ThreeJuan JorgeApril HoopesKimberly Hoffman

Chrissy Lewman