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Atchison County



In this project, youth engage in exploring the outdoor world by learning names and classifications. Youth will understand the essentials of studying nature: stop, observe, discover, how to correlate findings and more.

  • Increase awareness and appreciation of nature and it’s structure.
  • Explore human interdependence with the natural world.
  • Gain knowledge of environmental and ecological concepts.
  • Identify how humans impact the environment.
  • Improve problem-solving and advocacy skills; take action that assumes responsibility of the environment

 Wildlife Levels

Expand Your Experiences!

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

  • Construct and install birdhouses for specific birds. Collect on specific criteria.
  • Form small groups or committees to prepare reports detailing the conservation needs of an area. Outline a plan of action for improving the area or restoring a natural cycle.
  • Set up a water quality monitoring program on a local stream.

Healthy Living

  • Create an interpretive nature trail. Find a location, design the trail, contact appropriate authorities, fundraise, make posts, install. Enjoy.
  • Identify “point source” and ‘non-point source” pollution and the effects on water quality, humans, and wildlife.


  • Work with community groups to restore habitat for endangered or threatened species.
  • Remove invasive species, i.e., caper spurge at Bodega Marine Lab.
  • Plant wildlife cover or food in an abandoned creek or pasture area in a key wintering area.
  • Learn about environmental laws and create a project focusing on political action.


  • Be a park steward. Volunteer at Bird/Wildlife/Songbird/Marin Mammal Rescue centers.
  • Write a proposal asking that a vacant lot be turned into a playground/native plant garden/kids’ vegetable garden. Follow up, and build the playground/garden etc.
  • Become an active leader who models positive environmental behavior.

4-H Grows Here



KSU Project Page

Department H: Project Rules

Step it Up!

Pass it on! Now that you know how to share it with others. Here are ideas to get you started.

Flex Their Brain

The brain grows stronger when we try new things and master new skills. Encourage youth effort and persistence to help them reach higher levels of success.

Reach Their Goals 

Goal Selection: Choose one meaningful, realistic and demanding goal.

Pursue Strategies: Create a step-by-step plan to make daily choices that support your goal.
Shift Gears: Change strategies if you’re having difficulties reaching your goal. Seek help from others. What are youth going to do when things get in their way?


Ask project members how they can use their passion for this project to be more confident, competent and caring. Discuss ways they can use their skills to make a contribution in the community, improve their character or establish connections.