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Atchison County

4-H Dairy Cattle Project

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Are You Into It ?

The dairy industry is one of the foundations of agriculture. There’s so much more to it than just producing milk! The dairy industry has become a sophisticated business and there’s a lot to learn beyond exhibiting your project. 

• Acquire skills in dairy production through ownership and care of dairy animals.
• Learn marketing, processing, distribution, consumption, and use of dairy products.
• Practice principles of cleanliness and sanitation in production and care of dairy products.
• Learn nutritive value of dairy products and promote their use.

Here's What You Can Do All Year ! 

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Take Dairy Cattle Further ! 

Here are other opportunities to explore Dairy Cattle:

• Participate in regional or statewide quiz bowl events and judging contests
• Market and sell project animals to other 4-H’ers
• Start your own dairy herd
• Educate communities about the dairy industry
• Participate in a community service project, bringing ideas back to your community.
• Take part in the National Dairy Conference in Madison, Wisconsin
• Enjoy a summer internship working at a dairy farm
• Attend a local or state dairy show and listen to the judge give oral reasons on the classes
• Is it fair time? Consider showing in your County Fair dairy show or the Kansas State Fair.
• Contact your county KSU Extension Office for other local workshops, activities, and events
• Interested in a college education in animal science or veterinary medicine? Talk to your local KSU Extension office for more information. 

4-H Grows Here

A Skill I Learned...

What is Dairy?


KSU Project Page

Fair Resources

Large Animal Exhibit Card

Livestock Record for Beginning Members (Bucket Calf)

Department L:  Dairy/Goats

Other Resources 

Dairy Cattle Judging Standards

K-State 4-H Dairy Cattle Project

Working With Dairy Cattle Workbook


Step It Up ! 

Pass it on! Now that you know how, share it with others. Here are ideas to get you started.



• Design a poster on dairy breeds
• Take part in a quiz bowl contest
• Teach others about showmanship techniques
• Give a speech on the importance of the dairy industry


• Have your animal as part of a petting zoo sharing the importance of dairy
• Be a part of a dairy promotion event


• Arrange for your class to tour a dairy farm
• Be a mentor for a younger 4-H’er
• Organize a county grooming clinic
• Attend the National Dairy Conference and encourage other youth to attend

Exhibit Ideas

  • Create a poster on a dairy- related topic
  • Assemble an emergency medical kit
  • Investigate the carcass merit of dairy steers
  • Design a poster on the many dairy breeds
  • Proper selection and how to judge your animal
  • Fitting techniques for show day
  • Display on proper feed rations
  • Explain various housing and care techniques of dairy cattle
  •  How artificial insemination and cloning has changed the industry
  •  How to properly register and keep records on your animals
  •  Compare and contrast the dairy breeds and their positive traits
  •  Make a scrapbook of your animal(s)
  •  Develop a presentation on the following:
    •  Grooming your animal
    •  How to start a dairy herd
    •  The impact of the dairy industry on consumers
    •  Comparison on the nutritive value of dairy vs. non-dairy products
    •  How to properly show your animal
  • Continue exhibiting the same animal(s) to show the progression and how they’ve changed