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Atchison County



Are You Into It?

Make a difference. Discover the needs of your local community and beyond! Help others! Get into Action! Citizenship is the opportunity, right, and responsibility to contribute to shaping the world around you and provide service to others.

  • Explore your relationships with others: family, peers, state, nation, and world.
  • Get involved! Be an active, responsible citizen.
  • Take action to help others!
  • Show social responsibility, respect, and respond to the needs, rights, and responsibilities of others.

Here’s what you can do all year!

3 Levels of Learning table

Take Citizenship further!

Here are other opportunities to explore Citizenship:

  • Participate in county or regional Legislative Day activities.
  • Apply to be a page in the State Legislature, attend National 4-H Conference or attend National 4-H Congress.
  • Attend Citizenship Washington Focus.
  • Contact your county Extension office to participate in 4-H County Council.
  • Volunteer for a local, county, or state political campaign for a candidate you support.
  • Create a team to raise funds and participate in a benefit for a national cause you support.
  • Is it fair time? Consider taking an exhibit, a piece of your project learning to the fair for judging and to show off what you have learned throughout the year. It might get selected to go to the Kansas State Fair.
  • Contact your county KSU Extension Office for other local workshops, activities, and events.
  • Meet others interested in making a difference. Check out camps at the Rock Springs 4-H Center.
  • Interested in a college education in the area of political science, sociology, public service administration in agriculture, community and regional planning, community and public health? Contact your local KSU Extension Office for more information.

Project Resource Videos

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Other Resources

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Activity Pages

Step it Up!

Pass it on! Now that you know how, share it with others. Here are ideas to get you started.


  • Give a presentation about the history of your school or town
  • Make an appointment with your state legislator and share your thoughts on an issue
  • Read newspapers or newsmagazines on a regular basis
  • Research a community issue and share your ideas with appropriate board or governing body


  • Organize friends to clean-up a neighborhood park
  • Ask your local nursing home residents how they would like to celebrate the next holiday and involve others to carry-out the plan
  • Get approval and then create and conduct a survey for students on a school issue; then share the results with the administration
  • Serve as a Youth Delegate to either your state Democratic or Republican Party Convention

Exhibit Ideas

  • Create a poster about the best things in your community
  • Create a video about your community and what visitors should know about it
  • Create a "Welcome to our School" kit to be given to new families
  • Map the resources for youth and families in your community
  • Create a notebook explaining the Bill of Rights and examples in your everyday life
  • Give a presentation about the Checks and Balances of the 3 Branches of Government and how they're important to you
  • Report your exploration of an issue and define how each branch of government plays a role in its creation, interpretation and carry-out
  • Video your group at a service project and interview members about what they did and what it meant to them
  • Research candidates for the next Governor election and put a notebook together sharing their stance on different issues
  • Create a notebook about the things you learned on Citizenship Washington Focus trip and how they impacted you
  • Illustrate in a visual display the process of how a bill becomes a law
  • Create a visual representation about the different branches of government and how they work together