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Atchison County



Are You Into It? 

In the 4-H sheep project you can learn about breeds, selection, grooming, production, management, showmanship, marketing, and careers.

• Learn the basic principles of animal science by owning, caring for, and keeping records on one or more head of livestock
• Gain knowledge of sound breeding, feeding, and management practices
• Identify quality in wholesale and retail cuts of meat to understand the relationship to management principles

Here's what you can do all year! 


Take Sheep A Step Further ! 

Here are other opportunities to explore Sheep:
• Tour a sheep operation
• Attend a sheep show to listen to a judge give oral reasons and witness the differences in judging sheep
• Visit a local feed mill and see how feed ingredients are mixed, weighed and blended to make a complete ration
• Ride with a local veterinarian to learn about animal health
• Participate in a judging team
• Design a business plan to market lamb meat directly to retailers, restaurants, or private customers
• Write an educational article about some aspect of sheep production for your newspaper
• Research sheep by-products
• Is it fair time? Consider showing in your County Fair sheep show or the Kansas State Fair.
• Contact your county KSU Extension Office for other local workshops, activities, and events
• Interested in a college education in animal science or veterinary medicine? Schedule a visit with Kansas State University to explore those majors. www.ksu.edu

4-H Grows Here


KSU Project Page

Fair Resources

Large Animal Exhibit Card

Livestock Record for Beginning Members

Department N:  Sheep and Wool

Step It Up ! 

Pass it on! Now that you know how, share it with others. Here are ideas to get you started.


• Design a poster on parts of the animal
• Participate in a judging contest giving oral reasons
• Give a shearing demonstration


• Volunteer your lamb for a community petting zoo
• Hand out food samples at your local grocery store
• Volunteer to help at the county sheep weigh-in


• Invite other 4-H members to tour your farm
• Teach others how to safely handle sheep
• Lead a sheep showmanship and grooming clinic

Exhibit Ideas

• Participate in the 4-H sheep show
   o Breeding sheep
   o Market lambs
   o Showmanship
   o Rate of gain
• Consider an exhibit, notebook or display showing what you have learned in a sheep-related topic
   o Nutritive value of meat goats
   o Meat cuts and proper preparation
   o Feeding rations
   o Preventative vaccinations
   o Photos of different breeds
   o Daily routine in caring for animals
   o Grooming techniques
   o Developing a breeding herd
   o Best care techniques for newborns
   o How to select and judge your lamb
   o Medical show kit
   o Explain the use of FEPD’s
   o Understanding carcass grading in lamb carcasses
   o Video on how to train your lamb to lead
   o Proper exercising techniques
   o Making ethically sound decisions
   o Feed additives and their proper uses