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Atchison County

Horse Project

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Are You Into It? 

Horses are an exciting 4-H project area because you can participate whether you own a horse or not! Discover all the aspects of raising and riding horses.

  • Appreciate riding as recreation
  • Learn horsemanship skills and understand breeding, training, and raising of horses as a business
  • Acquire skills in horse management by owning and being responsible for an animal
  • Acquire safety skills to prevent injury to persons and animals

Here's What You Can Do All Year! 


Take Horses Further! 

Here are other opportunities to explore Horses:

  • Attend a horse show, rodeo, or another horse event
  • Visit a horse farm, horse training facility, horse boarding facility, etc.
  • Participate in a horse riding camp
  • Visit a local tack shop or horse supply store
  • Check out horse events on television to learn about different type of horse shows and events
  • Attend the Kansas State Fair to watch horse shows and observe clinicians
  • Create a collection of horse showmanship and horsemanship patterns
  • Keep a diary of your practices each week
  • Research horse-related careers
  • Give a public speech or team demonstration or compete with a painting, poster, photograph, drawing, essay, poetry, scrapbook, digital story, clothes article, woodworking piece or a model horse
  • Attend Animal Science Round-Up as part of the Kansas 4-H Youth Conference and take the horse track, participate in the community service project, bringing ideas back to your community.
  • Is it fair time? Consider riding in your County Fair horse show or the Kansas State Fair.
  • Contact your county KSU Extension Office for other local workshops, activities, and events
  • Interested in a college education in animal science or veterinary medicine? Schedule a visit with Kansas State University to explore those majors. www.ksu.edu

4-H Grows Here


KSU Project Page

Kansas Standard of Excellence Horse Achievement Level System
The cost for each online horse level test is $5, pass or fail.  The cost for each horse riding level test is $5.  Total cost (written and riding) for a horse level must be sent to the State 4-H office along with the member's cover sheet after successful completion of the online written test.

General Horse Resources

Project Leader Resources

2-3 Year Old Projects - Nominations are due May 1!

Fair Resources

Department O:  Horse Show

Step It Up!

Pass it on! Now that you know how, share it with others. Here are ideas to get you started.


  • Present about parts of a horse
  • Send a Letter to the Editor describing your opinion regarding an ethical horse situation
  • Present a riding safety session at your county 4-H horse workouts prior to county fair


  • Assist with the 4-H horse show at the county fair
  • Participate in the local saddle club charitable benefit
  • Ask friends to always wear a helmet when riding horses
  • Explore therapeutic riding and horse rescue assistance opportunities


  • Lead a trail ride for your fellow 4-H horse project members
  • Work with a horseless horse member to care for a horse
  • Conduct a show horse grooming clinic
  • Organize a tack swap for 4-H members

Exhibit Ideas

  • Horse coloring/marking patterns
  • Horse body parts
  • Safety around horses
  • Horse health chart
  • History of horses
  • Horse body language
  • Parts-of-a-horse matching game
  • Horse-breed comparison chart
  • Horse-stable designs
  • Knots used with horses
  • Tagging a horse
  • How to groom a horse
  • Supplies price chart
  • Horse skeleton diagram
  • Display of horse diseases
  • Growth chart for your horse
  • Dental problems of horses
  • How to shoe a horse
  • Horse reproductive system
  • Pasture management practices
  • Horse life cycle poster
  • Identify saddle, bridle and tack
  • Create a horse first aid kit
  • Pre-show fitting techniques
  • How-to display for judging horsemanship
  • Present a horse using "Quarter System"
  • Design your own showmanship pattern
  • Create a scrapbook or collage of photos from your horse project