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Atchison County



Are You Into It? 

Do you talk to friends? Take part in a school play? Write reports? Read books? If you do, you’re communicating! The world of communication impacts you every day. By participating in the 4-H Communication project, you will explore the exciting world of communication, and learn more about yourself and others.

  • Learn electronic, oral, visual and written communication skills
  • Develop self-confidence through public presentations
  • Practice self-expression and creativity
  • Demonstrate puppetry and stagecraft skills
  • Learn how to organize and present information

Here's What You Can Do All Year! 


Take Communications Further! 

Here are other opportunities to explore Communication:

  • Write a short story or collection of poems. Make copies for your family and friends.
  • Give a presentation or working exhibit at your club meeting and at your county communication event.
  • Write thank you notes to a speaker or a donor to your club program.
  • Organize making posters for display for national 4-H week.
  • Record a radio ad or volunteer to be interviewed on a local radio/TV station.
  • Volunteer to read a book at library.
  • Create and perform a puppet show for library.
  • Teach a younger member how to give a presentation or prepare a working exhibit
  • Create an electronic presentation about your 4-H club activities for members to use in community presentations.
  • Write and direct a skit for a club.
  • Try out for a role in a school play or community theatre production.
  • Write a letter to the editor about the value of 4-H for national 4-H week
  • Create an improvisational comedy club/group
  • Attend Kansas 4-H Youth Conference and participate in workshops and community service projects, listen to motivational speakers, and bring new and exciting ideas back to your community!

 4-H Grows Here


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Step It Up!

Pass it on! Now that you know how, share it with others. Here are ideas to get you started.


  • Volunteer to teach Clover Kids how to do a new skill
  • Try out for a part in a local community theatre production
  • Construct props for a school play
  • Present puppet shows at a daycare


  • Write a short play for your 4-H club to perform
  • Help another member prepare their working exhibit or presentation
  • Volunteer to organize publicity for a community event
  • Direct a school play

Exhibit Ideas

Aug 2-schedule TBA

  • Give an educational presentation, working exhibit, or extemporaneous speech
  • Make a poster to demonstrate use of visual aids
  • Construct puppets and a puppet theatre
  • Prepare an exhibit describing steps in preparing a speech
  • Write a short story (or a novel!)
  • Make an audio file of sound effects to use with a play
  • Prepare a poster about text messaging dos and don’ts
  • Write and exhibit a collection of poems
  • Make an exhibit showing make-up techniques for clowns
  • Make a poster for the 4-H Poster Communication exhibit class
  • Prepare a poster or presentation about social networking and use by teens