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Atchison County

Community Club Leaders/Volunteers

Leader Resources

Leaders Handbook                                     Parents Committee

Celebrating with 4-H Ceremonies                  Vibrant 4-H Clubs


Club Management

President Vice-President
Reporter  Historian
Recreation LeaderSong Leader
Blue Ribbon GamesSong Book
Parliamentary Quick FactsBasic Parliamentary Procedure
Parliamentary PracticeMeeting Will Come to Order 
Parliamentary Procedure How a Typical Meeting is Split   
Icebreakers Group Building Ideas
Tips for Planning the Club YearGuiding Principles
Strengthening Club Resources IStrengthening Club Resources II


  New  Kansas 4-H  Club  Corner  resources                                          











For All Volunteers

Volunteer Recruitment Video

Ever thought of being a 4-H volunteer? 4-H volunteers are essential to the 4-H program. Learn how you can share your passion that will provide the spark that inspires the next generation.

Volunteer Screening Resources

 Application Process

 Volunteer Orientation

Volunteers complete the  Kansas 4-H applicantion process annually. Year 1 is a new application or after not  being active in the local program  for 3 years. While the following years are a renewal process; approval to serve is an annual process.  Volunteers may be dismissed for not following Kansas 4-H policies.

Step 1- Complete an  application.

Online option


Paper option-  Complete the  form below and send  to the  extension office when  complete.

Step 2- Training

Watch the Orientation Videos below. 

This can be done  with in the 4-H online account by clicking on the training  tab in the menu tab. Note each  family member will need to  watch the video online and complete the quiz on an invidudal  basis. We understand families    desiring to view together but  the online system doesn't allow recording joint testing. Another option  would be for the 2nd family member to download the quiz  below and send to  the Extension  Office. Or  you  may  view the videos by clicking on the links below.

Videos for Orientation

Complete the quiz for each  video below, sign and return  to the Extension Office

Generally new volunteers are  asked to attend an in-person orientation session. Check  to  see  if  a  session  is  currently  scheduled.

How To Record 4-H Training  Within The Online System

Returning Volunteers

  • Attend/complete an annual  training session organized by the Extension Office .      Long -term volunteers may  attend recommended training options to meet this requirement.
  • Reviewing the above videos  serve as a good annual review but is not reqired.

Step 3  Vounteeer/Extension  Agent Connection Time Chat

Contact the Extension Office to schedule a time for a brief chat  time. This  is a time to discuss  annual  4-H  goals and plans,  resource needs, training options, possible Kansas project changes,etc. This 15 -30 minute chat by  phone or informal one-on-one session  is  planned to allow  us together to create the strongest 4-H    program posssible for our youth.

Sign Confidentiality Statements  if volunteer will  have acess to the confidential  information shared by 4-H members.

Step 4 Background Check Permission  Approval

Please wait for a message from the Extension Office before completing this step. If you think  you are ready,  give  us  a call.  Background checks are completed every 3 years. By  checking in, you  will learn  if  this  is  the year for your  background check. Once you have  established  an  account,  you  will  use  in  future  years.  Tip:  Save  user name  and password for further reference.

Step 5  Volunteer Approved  and Appointed   Congratulations the 4-H fun with youth begins! To  be ready for a new 4-H year, we  would suggest returning  volunteers begin the renewal  application process in July or  August to be ready for the new   4-H year in October.

Step 6 Volunteeer In Action Bring  4-H  resources to  live as you  connect  with  kids so  they  gain  life skills to prepare them  for school,  work and  life and  not  just county fair. Make it  fun for  the  kids while encouraging them  to be life-long learners using a  guided process! In summary , focus on To  Make The (My) Best, Better  and Learn By Doing.  The  4-H  leader's  task is  to  teach  life and  project  skills,  the 4-H member's resposibility  is  to apply the skills  learned via  their  project  work.  

Step 6  A Saluate  to Our  Volunteers  4-H volunteers are  recognized for their service and  dedication each fall.


Volunteer Service Application
Volunteer Service Renewal Form

Goal Setting

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting Template
4-H Goal Setting Worksheet
Examples of 4-H Project Goals