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Atchison County

Walk Kansas March 18-May 12, 2018

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Grab your walking shoes and celebrate healthy living 

It is time to kick off Walk Kansas 2018! We are looking forward to another fun Walk Kansas season and encourage you to tell others about Walk Kansas. Here are highlights:

Three Challenges

Each team of six will choose a challenge to work toward:

Challenge 1: 8 Wonders of Kansas (2 1/2 hrs of activity per person/week)

Challenge 2: Cross Country (4 hrs activity per person/week) 

Challenge 3: Little Balkans to Nicodemus (6 hrs of activity per person/week)

Take the first step – registration

Registration Opens February 18th

To register online:  Check out the Walk Kansas Leaderboard!

If you already have a team, wait for your team captain to start the online registration process. You will receive a message by email inviting you to join Walk Kansas and complete online registration. The team will be identified by your captain’s name at first. After the team is signed up the captain can add the name your team chooses.

Don’t have a team yet? You can register online as an individual. Go to www.walkkansas.org and click on “My Walk Kansas”; then click the yellow Register box. Complete the required personal information.

To register with paper forms:

Complete the registration form provided by your captain or download forms from the Captain's Information page. Return it, along with payment for the program fee ($8.00) and t-shirt (optional, $17.00) or Program and Baseball Tee (Optional, $22.00) to your captain. Note: Persons wanting to order multiple t-shirts will be subject to sales tax on extra shirts. Other Walk Kansas apparel items can be viewed in the Walk Kansas online store. Or by contacting, the Atchison County Extension Office. We are limited to 3 order dates-so order early.


2018 Shirt Colors Options

2018 T-Shirt, Adult  

All short sleeve t-shirts are $9.00 per shirt for all sizes. Complete the order form shown below OR Items can also be ordered on the state online store at www.walkkansas.org. You will need to click on to the My Walk Kansas tab. Use your user name and password to open your personal dashboard to view store items. 

2018 Color Choices

Irish Green or Purple

All Walk Kansas items for purchase may be viewed in the link  below.

2018 Optional WalkKansas Items and Order Form

(Order Form Will be posted soon) 

Walk Kansas Healthy Congregations Resources

 A variety of church bulletin or newsletter formats can be downloaded below. Contact Atchison County Extension for additional resources related to Healthy Congregations.

NRSV full page 2017

NRSV half page 2017

NRSVCE full page 2017

NRSVCE half page 2017

New International full page 2017

New International half page 2017