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Atchison County

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FCE Comes To Atchison County Fair


The National Association for Family & Community Education provides education and leadership training for public policy action on family issues.

Atchison County has 2  active FCE Clubs:  Farmerettes and Terry 

Family Community Education

The Kansas Association for Family and Community Education has evolved from a group of ladies meeting in 1914, in Leavenworth County, Kansas (Glenwood Club) who were requesting help in food preservation from a national leader. The name has changed through the years, Community Club, Farm Bureau Unit, Home Demonstration Units (HDU), Extension Homemakers Units (EHU) and in 1992 the name was changed to the Kansas Association for Family and Consumer Education (KAFCE). The members of KAFCE are also members of the National Association of Family and Community Education (NAFCE).


FCE members attend  leader  lesson training  during  the  year  and  then  share  their  knowledge  with  family, friends  and the  community.

Check out the KAFCE web site:  kafce.org

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