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Atchison County

2016 Atchison County Fair

August 2-6, 2016

"Cruisin' to the County Fair"

Tuesday, July 12Fashion Revue Registration DueFair Tuesday, August 2Market Steer Weigh-in
Thursday, July 23Home Environment Judging of Project Flower Judging
PreFair Monday, July 25Livestock Entries Due Open Class Flower Judging
PreFair Tuesday, July 26Fashion Revue Judging Open Class Fiber Arts Judging
 Clothing Consultation Judging Crops & Horticulture Judging
 Demonstration/Performing Arts Judging Open Class Crops & Horticulture Judging
 Consumer Judging #2 Parade
 Poultry Demonstrations & Posters Judging Swine Judging
 Fiber Arts Judging Open Class Swine Judging
PreFair Friday, July 294-H Arts & Crafts Judging Sheep & Wool Judging           Market Goat Judging
 Consumer Judging #3 Rabbits Judging
PreFair Saturday, July 30Fair Cleanup/Setup 4-H Day Camp/Special Events Judging
 Atchison County 4-H Horse Show Open Class Foods Judging
PreFair Sunday, July 31Dog Agility Show Open Class Clothing & Textiles Judging
Fair Monday, August 1Home Environment Judging of Exhibit Open Class Quilts Judging
 Electricity Judging Open Class Arts & Crafts Judging
 Foods Judging Open Class Photography
 Photography JudgingFair Wednesday, August 3Open & 4-H Beef
 4-H Banners Open & 4-H Dairy
 Entomology Judging Open & 4-H Dairy Goat
 Geology Judging Champion 4-H Demonstrations
 Spacetech/Rocketry Judging 4-H Fashion Revue
 Robotics Judging CE Sells Memorial Award Presentation
 Forestry JudgingFair Thursday, August 4Open 4-H Swine
 Posters Judging Open Class Horse Show
 Woodworking JudgingFair Friday, August 54-H Pet Show
 Other Projects Judging 4-H Livestock Judging Contest
 Weigh-in & Check-in Swine 4-H Livestock Sale and Mary Boldridge Cake Sale
 Weigh-in & Check-in Sheep/Market GoatFair Saturday, August 6Open & 4-H Dog Show
   Clean Up