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Atchison County

The 2018 Atchison County Fair will be August 7-11. 

*The Atchison County Extension office is not responsible for printer's errors for awards listed in the fair book.

**There are no Open Class entry fees for Atchison County residents.

Both open class and 4-H entry cards are available to pick up from the extension office.

2018 Fair Book

General Information

Fair Schedule
General Rules
General Event Information
BBQ Cook-Off Entry Form

Barn Quilts  Class Number 13-225  Check-in entries with the Arts & Crafts Superintendent on August 7 before noon. Atchison County will follow State Fair rules.

4-H Division

Department A:  Banners

Department B:  Fashion Revue

Department C:  Consumer Judging

Department D:  Demonstrations

Department E:  Clothing

Department F:  Food Preparation and Preservation

Department G:  Arts and Crafts

Department H:  Various - including Home Environment, Photography, Rocketry, Woodworking, Posters and Others

Department I:  Crops and Horticulture

Department J:  Flowers

Department K:  Beef

Department L:  Dairy/Goats

Department M:  Swine

Department N:  Sheep and Wool

Department O:  Horse Show

Department P:  Overall Fitting and Showing

Department Q:  Dog Show

Department R:  Pet Show

Department S:  Poultry

Department T:  Rabbits

Department U&V:  4-H Day Camp/Special Event and Clover Buds 

Open Class Division

Open Rules

Open Class Livestock Entry Blank

Department 1:  Beef Cattle

Department 2:  Goats

Department 3:  Dairy Cattle

Department 4:  Swine

Department 5:  Sheep                                         

Department 6:  Horse Show

Department 7:  Dog Show

Department 8:  Crops and Horticulture

Department 9:  Flowers

Department 10:  Foods-New Classes  - Food Preservation Labels

Department 11:  Clothing and Textiles

Department 12:  Quilts 

Department 13: Arts and Crafts 

Department 14:  Photography

Department 15:  Poultry