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Atchison County

Join 4-H

The 4-H year operates from October 1 to September  30.  Any Atchison County youth may join  4-H.  To  join 4-H,  a youth should  be  age 7 prior to January 1 of the current  4-H year.  4-H membership opportunities continue until age 18. Some 4-H projects and  activities have age  specific  guidelines, check with County Extension for further information. 


4-H is a community message

Enrollment Information

Atchison County Club Information   

Participation Form

4-H ONLINE Enrollment  Current  4-H  members  should  complete  online  enrollment prior to December 1.

See Enrollment for more details

For Club and Project Leaders

Volunteer Service Application (for NEW leaders)

Volunteer Service Renewal Form (for RETURNING leaders)

4-H Online Enrollment
4-H  Cloverbuds
A  fun program for youth ages 5-8 .Must be age 5 before January 1 to participate in Cloverbuds.
Complete  the form below  to  enroll your child.  Visit  with Atchison  County  Extension Agents  to  learn  more  about the  Atchison  County  Cloverbud program.
Cloverbud Enrollment Form