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Atchison County

Atchison County Fair 4-H Information

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4-H Club Assignments

Atchison  Shamrocks:  Set up/take  down  4-H  arts  and  crafts departments.   Set  up  4-H  promotion  table.   Weed eat fairgrounds.  Friday-Sweep/clean bleacher /barns/ general trash  pickup of  grounds  including  barns.
Atchison Aviators:  Set  Up.decorate/take  down  4-H and  open  food  area.  Tuesday:  General  trash  pick  up  of grounds. Assist with  4-H  foods  judging  on  Monday.
Effingham Community: Set up/decorate/take  down open class  clothing/quilts.  Tuesday:  Sweep  clean  bleachers/ general  trash  pick up of  fair  grounds.
Lancaster  Lightning (L-Z) Set  up/decorate/ take down  4-H  clothing/open  arts  and  crafts area.  Saturday: Sweep/clean bleachers/trash  pick up  fairgrounds  including  barns.
Lancaster Lightning (A-K) Set  up/ decorate/  take  down north  end  of  Blue  Building.   Saturday: Sweep/clean bleachers/trash pick up fair g rounds including  barns.
Lucky  Clover:  Set up/ decorate/ take  down Open/4-H  Flowers/horticulture.  Wednesday:  Sweep/clean  bleachers/ barns  general trash  pickup  fairgrounds and barns.
Meadowlark: Decorate front  entrance  of  Blue  Building. Thursday:  Sweep/clean  bleachers,  general  trash  pick up  fair grounds and  barns.


2017 County Fair
August 7-13, 2016
4-H Fair Newsletter
2017  Fair  Book 
 more fair  details

"A Big  County  Heart,  A  Bigger  County  Fair"

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