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Atchison County

Kansas 4-H and  Atchison  County Extension  Cares About  Kids

The  4-H  promise  says  that  we  will  provide  a  safe environment  for  youth  enrolled  in  the  4-H  program.  This  means that  4-H  programs  will be held in a safe location.  It also means that our caring adults  will  complete a  multi-step  screening process  to  insue  the  safety  of  our  youth.

4-H Volunteers

4-H volunteers are unpaid staff representatives of Kansas 4-H  and  Atchison County Extesnion. A volunteer is an adult or teen who has successfully completed the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Service application process which includes completing  an application, interview with extension  staff,  background screening, orientation, and appointment by the local extension board to  serve  as  a volunteer. Serving as a 4-H adult volunteer is a privilege, not a right. Volunteers serve at the request of the extension board and are managed/supervised by the local agent(s) or a designee responsible for 4-H. The local board may restrict the initial or continued participation of volunteers in the 4-H program. Volunteer service in the 4-H program beyond the local level is contingent upon approved status at the local level. All volunteers must be registered and comply with the 4-H Volunteer Guidelines and Code of Ethics. Volunteers who assist with a single short-term learning activity are not required to complete the  process. Volunteers  repeating  the  this  expereince should follow  the volunteer  appointment  guidelines.  Adults must have a completed and current Kansas 4-H Volunteer Service  Application on file as required by the Kansas 4-H program. 4-H Volunteer Code of Ethics http://www.kansas4h.org/p.aspx?tabid=487


4-H Volunteer Screening Process

To serve as a 4-H Volunteer in Kansas, you must complete the 4-H Volunteer Screening Process. The process includes:

  1. Filling out and submitting a Volunteer Service Application (includes references & background check)
  2. Participating in a casual interview with county agent(s)
  3. Completing the 4-H Online Volunteer Orientation

Once the above steps are completed and your volunteer status is approved, you may begin working with the 4-H youth of Atchison County. For subsequent years, an easy 1 page volunteer renewal form is submitted annual



Volunteers are key to the 4-H program. They enable the 4-H program to grow and thrive. These individuals donate their time, efforts and skills so that the Atchison County 4-H program can excel. Staff and parents trust these volunteers to have the best interests of young people at heart.

Safety of young people is shared responsibility between volunteers, Extension staff, K-State Research and Extension, and the state. We need to do our best to protect young people through the implementation of a youth protection system. In Kansas, the youth protection system is the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Screening process.

Steps to become a Atchison County Registered 4-H Volunteer:
  1. Complete the Application and return it to the Atchison County Extension Office.
  2. Complete an in person interview with  local  county  extension  agents- Ray  Ladd or  Diane  Nielson. Call  to  schedule  your  appointment.
  3. Provide references from 3 people using this form Note currently  being  revised for 2016-17 year.)
  4. Complete an oreientation  session.  Check  back  for  online  lins..
  5. Complete the Child Abuse Registry form and return it to the Extension Office.
  6. Submit your information for an  online  criminal  background  check.  .
  7. When all parts are complete, staff will review the materials and submit to Board for approval.
Once you are a Registered Volunteer
  • Fill out the renewal form annually.
  • A CBC will be required every 3 years.
Who Must Complete the Volunteer Screening Process?

A volunteer, adult or teen, with authority to independently plan and conduct educational experiences for youth with other adults present or in a public setting OR a volunteer whose position puts them in close, ongoing, one-to-one interaction with youth must complete the VIP process.

Volunteer roles include, but are not limited to, judging team coach, community leader, organizational leader, project leader, camp counselor, camp assistant, Discover Days or other event chaperone, exchange trip chaperone, chauffeur for any 4-H activities, and county-wide project leader.

Volunteers who do not fit into one of the above criteria would be considered episodic and do not need to complete the screening.


The National Criminal Background Check (CBC) cost (as of August 1, 2014) is $22.50 for the first time it is conducted on a volunteer, $16.50 for all subsequent checks (every three years). At this time, these costs are covered by funding from Atchison County Extension Council, so there is no charge to volunteers.

The Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry check is free, the $10 fee is waived because Kansas 4-H is a Kansas Mentor Organization.

Community Club Leaders/Volunteers

Project Leader Volunteers

Spin Club Volunteers

Clover Bud Volunteers

4-H Afterschool Volunteers