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4-H Incredible Wearables

Students at ACCES had fun learning about technology by creating a 4-H Incredible Wearable. Created by 4-H Science & Technology the Incredible Wearable works like a "Fitbit" by recording heart rate, steps taken & temperature. 

WearablesWearables 3Wearables 4

Spring is here!

Spring has arrived, and we're all ready to get outside and enjoy the weather. Whether you're getting back in the garden or out in the fields, we have some helpful resources to assist you with some of your planting needs. Check out these two informational guides on raising Tomatoes and Sweet Corn! You can also visit our Crop Resources page to find more information on a variety of crops and more!  

Successful Extension Education Delivery Model Considered Locally

Atchison and Leavenworth County Extension Councils continue to consider districting.  Over 46 counties across the state who have formed extension districts. There are currently seventeen Kansas Extension Districts. Local discussions in regard to districting have been ongoing between the two counties since the fall of 2013. Local extension council members have developed a question and answer fact sheet to provide districting details to local citizens. Community members are also ... Continue Reading

A map of current Extension Districts can be viewed here.


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July 19 - Lunch & Learn

July 26 - Lunch & Learn

Aug 7-11 - Atchison County Fair