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Atchison County

K-State Leasing Workshop Teaser

Leasing land for farming and ranching
has become a necessity to grow
and stay competitive in today’s commercial
agricultural. As a result, understanding
how to effectively and
equitably negotiate a land lease has
risen in importance for both landowners
and tenants. This presentation is
designed to help both landowners
and producers consider the factors
that affect lease rates, contract
terms, and risk exposure and will include
explaining the differences and
similarities of various leasing arrangements:
crop share, fixed cash
rent, and flexible leases.

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Successful Extension Education Delivery Model Considered Locally

Atchison and Leavenworth County Extension Councils plan to join 44 counties across the state who have formed extension districts. There are currently sixteen Kansas Extension Districts. Local discussions in regard to districting have been ongoing between the two counties since the fall of 2013. Local extension council members have developed a question and answer fact sheet to provide districting details to local citizens. Community members are also ... Continue Reading

A map of current Extension Districts can be viewed here.